BROBO Light-Up Plush Kids Toy Review

BROBO is a huggable night-light you that helps kids be brave in the dark!  These cute robot plushies are perfect daytime and bedtime friends.  Brobo characters are unique, super soft, and have hearts that shine bright at night!

Well, for starters, Brobos couldn’t be any easier to use – and your kids will love learning how! Simply touch the Brobo’s hand to their chest and Brobo vibrates and the light goes on. Touch the hand to the chest again, and Brobo vibrates, dims his light and goes into sleep mode with a 5 minute timer before turning off. Touch the hand to the chest a final time and the light goes off. Easy – fun – and cool!

No durability issues here. We passed our Brobos on to little ones with messy hands and they used, lit, turned off, and generally put their Brobos through the paces – and no worries. Batteries are replaceable, and stains are easy enough to spot clean.

We were sent in the Brobo named Shine Force to review – and our boys and girls alike loved him! Take a look at and you’ll see a nice variety of Brobos – including a dog, a Mummy, a girl and a dinosaur. There’s a Brobo perfect for every child!

This was funny – because at first glance – our kids were in love. After they spent some time playing with their Brobos – they wanted more! More lights, more vibration – and more sounds! Not saying we weren’t satisfied with functionality – but our kids wanted even more.

With a price tag of just under $30, Brobos are a bit on the expensive side for a plushie. Yes, there are plushies out there that are much more affordable, but considering the light-up nature – we understand where the extra dollars are.

Before people go up in arms saying that Pillow Pets are already out there and that this isn’t original…we say slow your roll. Brobos are unique, fun, funky characters – and have a big edge over Pillow Pets in that department. Add in their multi-function light/sleep timer – and we are happy to call this original.

Our kids loved, loved, loved playing with their Brobos. They are a fun, bright, cool take on traditional stuffed animals that kids from today are happy to incorporate into their loving, pretend play. Brobos are easy to use and definitely durable. The plushies themselves are all original, and the pricing isn’t too far off of what we are comfortable spending. If you have a little one that loves stuffed animals, love cuddling, and love playing pretend – Brobos are the perfect addition to their collection!

Manufacturer: Keji Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 - 6 years
Retail Price: $29.99
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