TOSY TOOP Non-Stop Battling Tops Kids Tweens Toy Product Review

With infinite energy, extraordinary fighting power and ultimate formations, TOOP is the vital factor to win the battlefield. Acknowledging that, both the God and the Alien forces are now in search for the five most powerful TOOPs to defeat the opponent. Let’s join the Gods and their successors in finding the strongest TOOPs and the best combination of TOOPs to create a collective strength and triumph over the Aliens in the Ultimate Battle!

  • Motorized non – stop spinning
  • Super bright glow
  • Battle on arena
  • Flexible controlling
  • Super stacking
  • Ultimate formations
  • Highly collectible

The TOSY TOOP is a spinning top toy for kids ages 5+. The toy has LED lights, multiple ways to control movement and an included arena. The tops are character-based with a comic book included giving meaning behind the game and making each set a collectible.

If your kids are familiar with Bey Blades – and most that would be interested in TOSY TOOPs are – then they’ll be ready to get the battle started right out of the box. But different than a Bey Blade, there is no rip cord to get these guys started, just spin them, then use the wand to control. You can control the tops from above the arena or below with the special magnets. When it comes down to it TOSY TOOPs are pretty easy to use – and in many ways easier than they Bey Blade counterparts.

As with all spinning top, battle style toys, breakdown is inevitable. We battled and battled and hadn’t seen any major issues…but with lots of use you can expect some small issues to crop up. And unlike Bey Blades which aren’t motorized and can be easily taken apart and rebuilt, TOSY TOOPs are not alterable, etc.

TOSY TOOP have an amazing look all their own. Between the light up tops, the unique arena and the wand that lets you control the action – you simply can’t find a more visually appealing toy for kids! The bright lights alone are enough to catch a child’s eye…add in the controlability provided by the wand you can expect a crowd gathering quickly!

We like the way that TOSY TOOP plays – we really do. The only thing that we prefer is the way that Bey Blades allow you to build and rebuild, customize and change your tops. If that feature were added in we would be talking top top ratings for functionality.

The TOSY TOOP Set has a suggested retail price of $35 – which isn’t exactly overpriced – we just would have liked it a bit less. Our blind averages came in around $25.

Overall the team was definitely impressed with TOSY TOOP – in fact – some of the battles started getting pretty competitive! The set itself is pretty easy to use, and should hold up for some time before breakdown occurs. We think the look is top notch and kids are sure to be excited to receive the set and play with it. Sure we would have liked the price a few dollars less…but that is nothing new. If your kids love Bey Blades and are looking for a new spin (pun intended) check into TOSY TOOP for an upgrade!

Manufacturer: TOSY
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $35.00
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