Astrojax MX Sport Kids Teens Tweens Collectible Hobby Product Review

Astrojax is a fascinating toy all about action, rhythm & your own personal style. It is a skill toy consisting of three balls connected with a string. Let them orbit around each other as you try to master 100’s of tricks – or better yet come up with your own tricks!

This Astrojax is sporty with its aerodynamic look with its blue mantles (MX ball shell), white vortex (core clip), neon orange string buds, day glow neon orange string, and white dock! The mantle (MX ball shell) is made of polyurethane giving it a soft feel like the original Astrojax Plus. The dimples on the mantle give it a fun feel and a good grip! All parts are compatible with other versions of MX; easily swap parts and colors with friends by a few simple pops and clicks! Hold the future of Astrojax and get your first modular Jax!

Are Astrojax easy to use?! Absolutely not! But are they a challenge you are going to find that your kids just can’t seem to put down? Absolutely! More challenging than a yo-yo playing with Astrojax is something that your children are going to have to spend some time working on. But once they do – forget it! You’ll think their Astrojax are connected to their hand!

No durability issues here. We even passed these on to some younger kids for the expected huge knots and tangles and we were able to easily untangle and use again.

At first glance Astrojax look amazing to little eyes and hands – and that’s before they even see them in use! We recommend you have your kids take a quick look at this video on YouTube – once they watch it they’ll see this amazing toy in action and be both challenged and hooked in an instant!

And once your kids are hooked – the functionality is limitless. We already said that you’ll think that Astrojax are connected to your child’s hand – and we meant it. Once they start figuring out a few tricks your children will be dancing, playing and swinging away the hours. They’ll perfect classic Astrojax tricks and they’ll start coming up with their own.

Astrojax have a suggested retail price of $19.99. The closest thing we can compare to is a yo-yo. And yes, while some yo-yos are crazy expensive…your average Duncan is under $10. For parents that aren’t sure if their children are going to really get into Astrojax, $20 may seem like a bit too much to spend.

Well…we can’t say we have ever seen anything even close to Astrojax – in look, style and play! Astrojax are 100% original in our book!

Here’s a secret…here at WTS Toy Review we are yo-yo fanatics. We love them – and some of us think we’ve even mastered a few tricks! But…when Astrojax came along our team was just blown away. Sure, we would have liked them a little bit less expensive…but other than that there really is no downside to Astrojax. Yes, they are challenging to learn…but we’ve never shied away from a challenge – and we hope your kids don’t either. Once they master that first trick – they’ll be hooked – and you’ll be impressed!

Manufacturer: US Astrojax
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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