Clifford Tales to Play Be a Good Friend Board Game from Patch Products Kids Product Review

Be a Good Friend brings the endearing tales of Clifford and friends to life! Children use the colorful canine characters to trot around the board, and whirl the Clifford & Emily Elizabeth spinner to see where they will sit and stay next! Draw a card to see if you’ll be helping out a friend by scoring them a bone, or if you’ll be giving one of yours back to Clifford. Children will love the bone-collecting adventure, trying to collect the most to be top dog! For 2 to 4 Players.

Like so many games designed for children as young as 3 years old, parents have to understand that they are going to need to be involved in the game playing process. And just like every other game for this age range, it Clifford Tales to Play is going to take a few trial runs to get the gameplay down. The best thing about this game is that kids love Clifford – and they are going to be excited to see the game and excited to learn how to play. And when they are interested all games are easier to use!

Well, just like any game designed for kids this age, there is a big risk of missing or lost pieces. There is no durability concern other than that, but Mom and Dad you’ve been warned, you’ll want to help in clean-up.

No question about it – kids are just drawn to Clifford! And this game does a fantastic job of recreating the excitement of their favorite oversized dog in game form. From the artwork on the box, to the artwork on the board and each of the playing pieces, your kids will be excited to play as soon as they see Clifford’s smile!

Surprisingly, our parents were happy to report that they didn’t tire of this game as quickly as they have of some of the other kids’ games they reviewed. The game plays nicely, and like we said, once your kids play a few times they should have the hang of it. Gameplay itself is fairly quick, which is a plus too.

Clifford Tales to Play isn’t exactly a complicated game…and there aren’t a crazy amount of pieces, electronic parts, lights or sounds. With that said, our parents felt the pricing was a bit on the high side. In a blind survey we ended up pricing Clifford right around $15. With an actual retail price of $23.99 the excitement some of our parents were feeling about this game was tempered a bit.

Clifford Tales to Play doesn’t play like any other game we’ve reviewed before. And…while Clifford isn’t exactly a new character, we certainly haven’t seen any other Clifford games come across our desk. And…some of us grew up on Clifford books and we are more than excited to pass along our love of the Big Red Dog to our kids. Hey, it’s a review – we’re allowed to have a soft spot!

Clifford Tales to Play is a fun game that you and your kids are going to love playing. The Big Red Dog is fun and happy – and will put a smile on your little one’s face every time you play. The game itself is fairly easy…although the youngest kids will need a bit of practice at first. If parents help with clean-up there are no durability issues, and from a functionality perspective the game definitely packs in some fun! We love Clifford…and we love Clifford Tales to play – an excellent addition to your child’s game closet!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $23.99
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