MobiCam Secure Start Wireless Digital Video Monitor from Mobi Technologies Baby Product Review

An exceptional Audio/Video monitoring system with a number of highly sought after features at an affordable price. With powerful features such as its convenient walkie-talkie style Two-Way audio, powerful speakers and automatic Night Vision you will get a clear view and sound of your baby at all times. Best-in-class performance with Audio only mode as well as VOX modes which automatically turn on the monitor so you can sleep peacefully when your baby sleeps and wake when your baby is up and making sounds. The 2.4GHz digital wireless signal ensures 100% signal privacy and the rubberized exterior feel and compact size make the monitor comfortable to hold and carry around. It’s easy to setup and no installation is required.

  • Two way Walkie-Talkie style audio
  • Audio Only Mode
  • Voice-Activated mode (VOX)
  • 2.4GHz digital wireless signal for maximum privacy
  • 400 Ft. Range for greater freedom
  • Powerful automatic Night Vision
  • Includes rechargeable batteries for parent unit
  • Includes Camera & Monitor AC Adaptor / Camera stand & Mount

Seriously, this baby monitor pretty much does all of the thinking for you…the only thing that could make it any easier would be if it could change diapers too! The monitor is easy to set up, easy to charge and use wirelessly, and easy to use. Night Vision turns on automatically, and in VOX mode the monitor only activates when baby makes noise. Easy as can be!

The only durability issue we were able to find was when using in wireless mode there is a chance for the batteries to run down. If you are like our Moms and Dads of little ones, you’ll tend to be a bit sleep deprived and will only remember sometimes to plug it back in for charging!

The MobiCam Secure Start Wireless Digital Video Monitor is sleek and stylish. Its rubberized outer shell is comfortable to the touch. The design looks more like an iPod than a baby monitor, not that appearance matters that much in this case, but it will look nice on your nightstand. Additionally, the image itself if crisp and clear.

Right…so this is a video monitor, an audio-only monitor, a two way walkie-talkie so you can talk to baby, it is wireless, it turns on and off on its own in VOX mode, and it has a built in night vision mode. Nothing missing here!

So, baby monitors can be expensive…especially baby monitors with video. With a suggested retail price of $129.95 the MobiCam Secure Start Wireless Digital Video Monitor is a bit on the expensive side when compared to audio only monitors. That may not be the most fair comparison but our Moms and Dads felt that it needed to be grouped in with audio-only monitors as the high ticket price of a video monitor would push some of them back to audio-only.

The MobiCam Secure Start Wireless Digital Video Monitor packs in amazing features and functionality. It is sort of like the Swiss Army Knife of video monitors…truly groundbreaking and original in our book.

We’ll start our summary by saying that we are fairly comfortable with the pricing…especially considering you have to accept a higher ticket price for a monitor with video. Once you accept that fact, you aren’t going to find a better monitor on the market. The MobiCam Secure Start Wireless Digital Video Monitor has everything you could be looking for in a monitor…and it’s durable and easy to use. 5 Stars Overall for sure!

Manufacturer: Mobi Technologies, Inc.
Recommended Age: Infant and up
Retail Price: $129.95
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