SpyLinx Live Video Communicator from EyeSpy Toys Kids Teens Tweens Product Review

You are undercover and need to communicate with base operations, EyeSpy™ has the equipment to help with the amazing two-way spy communicators with live video streaming. SpyLinx allows you to discuss tactics with your team, or if you are operating in silent in stealth-mode, send text or coded icon messages using the fully integrated keypad.


  • Large 2.4” LCD color video screen with rechargeable battery
  • Two way Live video and sound
  • Full keyboard to send text messages
  • Night Vision Infra-red technology
  • Send over 25 icons

Seriously?! Walkie talkies with live video and text?! They can’t possibly work – right? Wrong! These little bad boys are amazing – and when it comes down to it, pretty darn easy to use too! The video interaction is intuitive – and even kids on the lower end of the spectrum were able to pick it up quickly. Texting for kids that were just 6 was a bit more challenging – but as kids get older this seems to be bred into them – so no worries here. James Bond move over – SpyLinx from EyeSpy not only gives kids the technology – it gives it to them in a way they can use easily!

No durability concerns. First off, the batteries are rechargeable, so you won’t be shelling out hard earned dollar after hard earned dollar for your little one to play spy. Next, in plenty of use (these didn’t get put down for hours other than charging) we saw no cause for concern in durability.

5 stars isn’t enough! We mean it….if there was a way to award 7 or 8 we would! Our kids lost it when they took one look – and yours will too!

Live video chat, live audio walkie-talkie, night vision mode, integrated earpieces and microphones, rechargeable batteries, and full featured texting with icons! What else do you want?!?!?

Well…pricing is a bit high. There is no question that SpyLinx are not inexpensive. With a retail price of just under $80, this is a gift that you will want to think carefully about purchasing. That isn’t too say it isn’t awesome, and every kid we know would want it, we just know it is a bit on the high end and not for every parent.

Please see “Functionality” – this is with out question absolutely original!

Wow wow wow! This is an awesome toy! With SpyLinx your secret-agent-in-training has a tool that not only works, but works well. It’s easy to use, durable, super functional – and above all super-fun. The price is high…but if you can deal with that you are going to be handing over a toy that your kids will love to play with!

Manufacturer: DeeBee Toys Limited
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $79.99
On the Web: www.eyespytoys.com
Buy It Here: www.toysrus.com