Squinkies Zinkies for Boys – Military Crew, Space Alliance, Robot Force Kids Product Review

Gather your armies of these teeny tiny figures and get ready to battle! Each set contains a themed capsule dispenser that holds 36 Squinkies Zinkies characters, themed to fit their packs, Military Crew, Space Alliance, and Robot Force. Line them up by rank using specially designed “squeezers” and inspect your troops with the included magnifying glass. And don’t forget to uncover your hidden special ops character! Each set also includes a specially designed transport vehicle that really moves!

Allright Mom and Dad…it isn’t so often that we actually hand a toy over to our little boys that is not going to require any assistance from either of you. This is one of those times! Something about these teeny-tiny figures just have little boys going crazy – and they know just what to do when they are in their little hands…they play, the pretend, they battle! It is amazing just how long Squinkies Zinkies can hold the attention of a little boy. Super easy to use!

Teeny-tiny doesn’t really describe just how small these little guys are….and there are 36 of them per pack! So after every play you can almost expect one or two little figures to go missing…until you step on them in the middle of the night of course. Hate to say it, but it’s a battle of attrition out there, and slowly but surely, these little armies will wear down lost in the corners of your home. Other than misplaced pieces, no durability concerns here!

Seriously Mom and Dad…we aren’t joking…your little boy is going to love the look of Squinkies Zinkies! Each set is well themed and includes “squeezers”, a magnifying glass and a vehicle for awesome pretend play!

Squinkies Zinkies can occupy an imaginative little boy for hours, days, weeks! Seriously! There are so many pieces to play with, and so much fun in every pack – your little boy will be in kid-pretend heaven!

Didn’t think we could like Squinkies Zinkies any more than we already do? You’d be wrong – because it gets better with the pricing! With a suggested retail price of $9.99 our team felt that these little guys were perfectly priced. Sure we always want things less expensive, but this is one toy that your child will get his $10 worth!

Squinkies alone are an original idea…now they’ve made them smaller and grouped a larger theme together. Way to go Squinkies – you innovated once again.

Look, kids love Squinkies…and little boys are going to go ape over Squinkies Zinkies! They just have everything a little boy is looking for – cool design, fun characters, lots of pieces and lots of room for imagination. And yes, Mom and Dad, you’ll love the price. Squinkies Zinkies for Boys are an excellent collection of 5 star earning toys that your child will love!

Manufacturer: Blip Toys
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
On the Web: www.bliptoys.com
Buy It Here: