O.O.T.W. Girls Dolls – Vizi, Techno, Flix, Astra, and Gigi – from Blip Toys Product Review

The O.O.T.W. Girls are “Out of this World” trendy and cute. The initial launch includes 5 dolls – Astra, Techno, Flix, Vizi and Techno. Each doll has their own low-tech function that provides and high-tech payoff and is reflective of each girl’s unique personality.

Nothing challenging here or difficult to use…once little girls set their eyes on O.O.T.W. Girls Dolls and they’ll be in love! And then the fun begins! Each O.O.T.W. Girl is adorbale, fun and themed in their own unique way. Easy to use and fun for sure!

No durability issues. Each doll is made well and with even semi-proper care will last long.

Bright fun colors, adorable styles…super cute in every way! When little ones get a look at O.O.T.W. Girls they’ll begin to play and pretend. Girl themed and collectible – what more could a little girl ask for!

O.O.T.W. Girls are fun for girls to play with and collect…but beyond that there isn’t all that much there. There’s a show, there’s a website, there’s even games online…but as far as the toys themselves go, the girls can be a bit limited.

We love when a kids toy is priced properly – especially a collectible – and no question the folks from Blip Toys nailed it. In a blind survey our parents priced the O.O.T.W. Girls Dolls right around $10 – and with a retail price at $9.99 – we couldn’t be happier!

So sure, we’ve seen collectible kids toys before…but it isn’t that often that we come across a girl’s toy with as much awesome appeal packed perfectly for today’s little ladies! The O.O.T.W. girls are Barbie and they certainly aren’t Strawberry Shortcake – they are designed for today’s confident, fun girls – now that is original!

When it comes to collectible pretend toys designed for little girls, it is hard to find toys that many of our independent Moms are proud to hand over to their independent little girls. O.O.T.W. Girls Dolls fit the bill! They are easy to use and priced affordably. They are durable and certainly visually exciting to little ones. The O.O.T.W. Girls Dolls are the perfect toy for your little ladies this year!

Manufacturer: Blip Toys
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
On the Web: www.bliptoys.com
Buy It Here: