Space Age Crystals Deluxe Crystal Growing Kit with LED Base from Kristal Educational Kids Teens Tweens Product Review

Space Age Crystals Growing Kit: Grows 13 Sparkling Crystals with multicolor LED base sparkling crystals grow right before your eyes. Grow a collection of 13 sparkling crystal specimens in four colors: emerald, aquamarine, citrine and ruby. 5 crystal clusters, 4 geodes, 4 single crystals contents: crystal growing chemicals, geode mold, casting plaster, crystal growing containers, lids, stirring rods, 48 page Space Age Crystals booklet, instructions, and a multicolor LED base.
For Ages 10+ years.

Warning: This kit contains chemicals which may be harmful if misused. Read cautions on individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

Growing crystals, or any science experiment for that matter, is never exactly easy. Yet even with that in mind, we think that any child that you purchase this kit for is going to be up for the challenge. Look, the kit isn’t inexpensive, and if you decide it is right for your child or budding scientist, we are confident in your selection. With detailed directions, and in some cases a helpful parent, we are confident that your child can step up to science!

From a durability perspective the best thing that the kit has going for it is the amount of crytstals your child will be able to grow.  It is not limitless as with some other kits, but there is enough there tom make the kit feel like it has plenty of life.

If you have a child with even the slightest interest of science they are going to love this kit! Add in the LED Base and the Visual Appeal shoots through the roof!

The kit has 13 different specimens that you can grow in 4 different colors.  When it come to a scientific experiment style kit that has a specific purpose (not your general science set) this falls on the positive side of functionality!  Excellent!

We already mentioned above that the price on the Space Age Crystals Deluxe Crystal Growing Kit is on the higher side for a regular old toy. With a price tag just under $40 you better have an inkling that the child using the kit has an interest in science. If they do, and you are comfortable with the price, you aren’t going to be disappointed.

We have seen other science kits and other crystal kits, but we haven’t seen any that pack in such a super-cool visual factor.  The LED Base just sends the Visual Appeal over the top – and adds to the Originality!

Can you tell yet? We love the Space Age Crystals Deluxe Crystal Growing Kit with LED Base – and we are certain that your science interested kids will too! It is a challenge, but not overly difficult…it is certainly durable…and definitely functional. The price is a bit on the high side but considering the amount of use the kids can get it isn’t overpriced. Junior Scientists of the world unite – we have found the crystal growing kit for you!

Manufacturer: Kristal Educational Inc.
Recommended Age: 10 years and up
Retail Price: $39.99
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