Cluck ‘N’ Chuck Kids Board Game Review from Patch Products

Cluck ‘N’ Chuck is a game that’s bursting with fun – and chickens! This game for two to four players will leave kids in hysterics as they try to contain runaway chickens. Roll the die to see which chickens you can chuck into the coop. But move quickly before the coop jumps up and they all fly out! It’s a race to see who can round up their chickens first in this rowdy cluck-cluck game! For ages 4 and up.

In theory Cluck ‘N’ Chuck should be a pretty easy game to play. In practice, not as easy as our group of 4 and 5 year olds would have liked. First off, the game play isn’t quite as intuitive as it needs to be…especially for a game that has a major time factor. It was a challenge getting the kids to understand and to play quickly. Then…even when they were playing quickly, the coop kept popping…leaving them with little chance of advancing through the game. Challenging.

So…there are no batteries needed…which is a plus…but that means the timer and the popping feature are built in…and if your 4 year olds are like are 4 year olds…well let’s just say they won’t be gentle. Add in that the chickens have a tendency to go flying (which is the design of the game after all), but that makes it a bit harder to keep track of all of them. Without careful clean-up pieces are sure to go missing.

At first look kids think this game is the most fun, most hysterical thing they’ve ever seen! Especially the little brothers and sisters of our 4 and 5 year olds! They couldn’t get over how funny it was to see the coop pop and the chickens fly!

In this case, functionality drifts back to ease of use….and the game just isn’t all that easy to play and/or win. And as you all know, when kids have a hard time getting through a game it doesn’t last long!

While a suggested retail price of just under $17 doesn’t seem terrible for a game, it starts to feel pricy when you get the feeling that the kids aren’t going to be picking this one to play often. It feels a bit more like a $10 game. And if it was priced at $10, parents wouldn’t feel as bad if their kids only get a limited amount of laughs and fun.

With the popping function Cluck ‘N’ Chuck reminds us a bit of Perfection….other than that…this game and concept is definitely original!

Cluck ‘N’ Chuck is good for a few laughs – especially for younger kids. However, it isn’t that easy to use, isn’t all that functional, and in our opinion is priced a bit higher than it is worth. On the other hand, if you have kids that love a good laugh and aren’t so concerned with closely following the rules of a game, Cluck ‘N’ Chuck will have them giggling their day away!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $16.99
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