Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll from Manhattan Toy Baby Kids Product Review

Baby Stella can Talk! Features three sounds: pacifier sucking noise when pacifier is attached, giggling when foot is squeezed and says “mama” when hand is squeezed. Doll comes with pink ruffled onsie with Velcro-like closures in back and magnetic pacifier. Comes with 2 replaceable AA batteries.

Awww…Baby Stella is so adorable! For your 1 year olds, obviously Mom or Dad are going to be leading the way in taking your little girl through all of Baby Stella’s sweet sounds…As your little lady grows a bit older she’ll start playing and entertaining herself wit her adorable little friend! Easy for sure!

No Durability concerns here! The folks from Manhattan Toy were expecting all of the drool, all of the spit-up, all of the stains that a one year old can throw at their doll – and you can tell she was built to handle the best of it. A simply wet towel is good for spot cleaning.

Super cute! Moms, Dads, little girls and even some of our little girls’ brothers took a liking to Baby Stella. And her Sweet Sounds just complete the package and make her that much more inviting!

As your little girl gets a bit older she’ll love giving Baby Stella her pacifier – and with the built in magnet it holds in place very well. The sounds are sweet – and we love that your child can easily choose to hear them by squeezing the right spot, or not, if they aren’t that interested. As far as a doll goes, this one packs in the perfect amount of snuggle-ability and functionality!

Well…Baby Stella Sweet Sounds does have those adorable sounds…and it is probably those sounds that add a few more dollars than many of our Moms and Dads wanted to spend. Baby Stella Sweet Sounds isn’t inexpensive…and with a price tag of $45 – many of our parents felt that they could do almost as good with a doll half the price. In some ways we agree with them, but, if you can afford to spend a few extra bucks, you (and more importantly your daughter) are going to love her Baby Stella and her sounds, and you are going to love the way she holds up.

Baby Stella is super-cute – and we love the sounds and pacifier ability built in. This isn’t exactly anything new when it comes to dolls, but it doesn’t make the way Manhattan Toy assembled this lady any less original. Nice!

Deliver a Baby Stella Sweet Sounds to a one year old girl or older and you’ll happily watch as your little lady falls in love with her new little lady! Baby Stella is easy for little hands to hold and use, she is durable, and she is functional enough for growing gals. The price is a bit on the high end for this type of doll…but as we said, if you can handle a few extra dollars your little one is going to love Baby Stella Sweet Sounds!

Manufacturer: Manhattan Toy
Recommended Age: 12 months and up
Retail Price: $45.00
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