Launch N’ Attack Annihilator Dart Gun from DeeBee Toys Limited Kids Teens Tweens Product Review

This gun may appear small but it lives up to its name Annihilator! The six dart rapid firing compact gun sets you to the Launch N’ Attack challenge! Can you blast the heli-disc out of the sky? The amazing hit recording technology shows how many successful shots you managed!

Upgrade your training with the motorized power of the Launch n Attack Annihilator. With 6 foam darts in a rotating barrel and semi-automatic firing, you easily blast the Heli Discs out of the sky. Register your shots with amazing hit recording technology built right into the Heli Discs.

Pull the rip cord on the blaster to launch the Heli Disc, take your aim and blast it out of the sky.


  • 1 Annihilator Blaster
  • 6 Foam Darts
  • 1 Electronic Heli Disc with light up LED’s and hit recording technology

Are you as good with your Left hand as your right? The launcher can be attached to either side to allow you to master your accuracy with both hands!!

Four AA Alkaline Batteries required.

Out of the package the Annihilator requires a little bit of assembly, but any dart-shooting kid will be more than happy to take to the task. When it comes to launching the disc and firing, the entire process isn’t as smooth or as easy as we would like it to be – and without question, kids on the younger end of the spectrum (recommended age starts at 6) are going to need some parental guidance whether they like it or not (and they never like parental guidance!). And once your kids have the launching and firing down, actually hitting the Heli Disc will provide an even greater challenge. Many kids that we worked with abandoned ship when it came to the Heli Disc and just started firing away to their heart’s content.

We’ve had a chance to work with a number of dart guns in the past, and sadly we never find any of them all that durable. First off, obviously, darts go missing easily. And with the Annihilator there are more working parts and pieces thanks to the Heli Disc that have the opportunity to break down. By comparison, we didn’t find the Annihilator built to any less quality than other dart guns on the market, however, like all dart guns, they only seem to ever have a certain amount of lifespan – so don’t be upset when your kids come back needing new darts or worse – a new gun.

Well, if there is one thing that the Annihilator exceeds in it’s Visual Appeal. We showed the kids the packaging and they couldn’t wait to break it open and start shooting. Now – we will say that once assembled the Annihilator doesn’t look nearly as cool as it does on the box, but few toys ever do. And…we even noticed a few of the stickers on the body of the gun a little out of place. But don’t worry – none of that seemed to deter the kids as much as it did the adults.

When working properly, this little dart gun packs quite a functional punch. You can launch the Heli Disc and shoot at it. You can shoot left handed or right handed. You can simply shoot the darts and enjoy. Put it all together and the Annihilator goes above and beyond in the functionality department.

Here is one of those times that the team was just thrilled to learn the pricing. Too often dart guns are overpriced – remember – Moms and Dads know the lifespan of these things. Yet the folks at DeeBee Toys priced the Annihilator just under $20 – exactly what our parents were hoping for. Well priced!

The Annihilator is definitely an original when it comes to the world of dart guns. With the Heli Disc launch feature combined with the hit recording technology built-in – it’s easy to see this toy manufacturer wasn’t just trying to make a dart gun, they were trying to take the market to a new level.

Allright Mom and Dad – dart guns may not be your favorite – but they are your kid’s favorite! And when it comes to purchasing a dart gun we recommend seeking out certain necessities. It starts with price, and the Annihilator is more than fair there. We then hope for durability, and this dart gun performs as well as its peers. Kids may not look for it next, but we strongly seek out originality and functionality – and the Annihilator has both. It is unique and design and impressive in function. Kids love dart guns, and if they are semi-gentle with the Annihilator they are going to love playing with this one!

Manufacturer: DeeBee Toys Limited
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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