Elephant’s Trunk from Gamewright Board Game Kids Product Review

Emmet the elephant is late for a trip and needs your help packing! Take turns rolling the die and placing a piece of clothing into the matching colored trunk. But watch out for the sneaky mouse who will try to dump out everything you just packed! Be the first to pack up all of Emmet’s clothes and he might just take you with him on vacation!

It’s a pachyderm packing game! As you help Emmet pack his trunks, you’ll reinforce such valuable early learning skills as color identification, pattern recognition, and fine motor development. Also, with every roll of the die, you’ll get a little taste of the anticipation you feel before leaving on vacation. Will you get a color and be able to pack your trunks, or will that pesky mouse mess up your plans? Bon Voyage!

Designed for children ages 4 years and up, Elephant’s Trunk is a game that little ones are going to be able to pick up and understand quickly. We recommend a quick run-through on rules, although a practice game was really the trick to get our little up to speed. Easy to use!

So, there are a few pieces necessary to be able to play the game, and like all games designed for little hands, we get a bit worried in keeping track. If you have little ones that are careful and gentle with their toys/games – no problem. If you have little ones like the rest of us – you’ll need to help in clean-up to make sure all pieces are properly accounted for!

Elephant’s Trunk is one of those games that kids are going to look at and just want to play. There are fun tin trunks for your kids to take hold off, along with lots of tokens to load into their luggage! Little ones love the interaction of packing up! There are no bright lights or sounds, but kids love the look of this game all the same!

Elephant’s Trunk is not a game that older kids are going to really enjoy playing – it is certainly a bit on the simple side for their tastes. However, kids that fall into the proper age range on the spectrum, are going to feel like this is a game they should play over and over again. It isn’t complicated, there is a bit of luck involved, and it is truly something that they can have an even playing field with Mom or Dad or older siblings. From a Functionality perspective, your little ones are sure to be pleased.

We don’t like expensive board games. Plain and simple. There are too many out there trying to become classics, trying to charge classic game prices. With that said, we don’t get any happier when a game is properly priced – and this is one of those! With a suggested retail price under $15 it is safe to say the Gamewright people get it. Yes there are some important parts, cute tin trunks, etc – but that doesn’t mean they needed to charge $25 for this game. At $15 it is the perfect price for a birthday gift or surprise for your child.

We’ve played lots of board games…lots and lots of board games…but we have never come across one quite like this. It’s simple…and it’s fun…and it’s unique. Excellent Originality!

To be completely honest, we came into this review not thinking we were going to be rating Elephant’s Trunk quite as highly as we ended up. Bottom line, it packs all of the things we find important into a game designed for little ones – and it does it affordably. It is easy to use, durable if you keep an eye on all the pieces, and most importantly, it is a game your little ones are going to want to play over and over again. If you are looking for an easy, fun game to play with kids that are 4, 5, or 6 – Elephant’s Trunk is an excellent choice!

Manufacturer: Gamewright
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.gamewright.com
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