Terra Kids Prehistoric Crab Assembly Kit from HABA Kids Product Review

How constructive! Build up the fun with the Terra Kids Prehistoric Crab Assembly Kit from HABA! This quick arts & crafts activity produces a cool sea creature with rattling, rolling eyes, cord, and motion module with wind-up motor! Just loosen the parts from the wooden board and fit them together following the easy to understand instructions.

Terra Kids Prehistoric Crab Assembly Kit from HABA Kids is an excellent starter-style model for kids starting at age 6 and up. Children that are on the older end of the spectrum that can read and follow instructions well, and have the confidence to take the parts off of the sheets to begin working with them will be fine. Kids that are just 6 (around 1st grade) that don’t have the most developed reading skills yet, will definitely need some help from Mom or Dad.

The Kit is made out of a lightweight wood that is made to pop easily out of its sheet, but not necessarily made to hold up to all of the pretend play fun a 6 year old will have with the crab once assembled. Build it and play and it should hold up fine….build it and play and pretend and play and pretend like most 6 year olds we know, and there is a pretty good chance for breakdown.

The crab looks cool – that’s for sure! Out of the box and building, kids are just drawn to models – which we love. When built this little crab has a motion module to animate the little creature to add to the visual appeal. No questions – if you have little ones that like to build and pretend – they’ll love the crab!

There is definitely some functionality involved here as kids get to first set-up, then build, then play with their Prehistoric Crab. Unlike say LEGO models/sets where kids can build, take apart and rebuild, this kit comes with modeling glue to fully build, and then once assembled, it doesn’t disassemble. So on one hand, it is a toy that involves a little bit of work – good functionality….on the other hand, once built, it’s built…so you sort of limit the functionality without the opportunity to build and rebuild.

How much do most models cost? $15? $20? That’s what we estimated. With a suggested retail price under $10 – we couldn’t be any happier! Finally – a toy comes along that is priced fairly and properly. Well done HABA USA!

Of course we’ve seen other models come across our desks in the past…but we do like the way that HABA incorporated their motion module with wind-up motor. That puts a whole new spin on a simple model by animating it and giving kids a chance to play after assembly.

All in all, our team and kids really enjoyed working with the Terra Kids Prehistoric Crab Assembly Kit. Older kids were able to work through the steps easily, younger kids needed a bit of guidance. There was some good discussion on levels of functionality, but considering it is a model with a little extra built in, it’s hard to argue that it is just a plain old boring model-craft project. Add in an amazingly fair price – and Mom and Dad will be as happy to purchase as kids will be happy to play with it!

Manufacturer: HABA
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $8.99
On the Web: www.HABAusa.com
Buy It Here: