Outer Space Explorer from DuneCraft Kids Product Review

Embark on your adventure into a Martian World with the Outer Space Explorer Set. This amazingly complete set contains 6 different polymers that are so astounding that you will think they are from another planet.

Space Sand is truly the closest thing to sand from mars and will not get wet. Expanding Space Spheres will mimic the expanding universe by growing over 200 times their size when placed in water! Make your own green, gooey Alien slime, solidify water and even mold your own Extraterrestrial friends!

Watch in amazement as Alien Spider Balls open and a multitude of multicolored Space Spheres pour out and expand. See how much you can learn exploring outer space with DuneCraft today!

Like many of the arts and crafts style kits from DuneCraft, parents are going to need to be involved in the fun. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely encourage parental involvement, however if you are looking for a toy that kids on the younger end of the spectrum can use by themselves, this isn’t it. Creating the experiments and working with the sand is definitely fun, and isn’t exactly difficult, but most kids are going to need help from Mom and Dad.

Durability is a bit of a tough one to rate this kit on and here’s why…after you and your children put together the outer space experiments, the ingredients to do it are going to get used up. After a few times creating you won’t have the ingredients to use anymore, and the kit becomes useless.

Kids love the look of the kit from the get-go…and they love it even more as they create. No question – the Outer Space Expolorer kit looks fun in the box…and looks like even more fun as the kids create.

Similar to Durability, Functionality is a tough one. On one hand, the kit is super-functional because you and your kids actually have to get your hands dirty and create. On the other hand, once the ingredients are gone – they are gone – leaving the kit pretty unfunctional.

In a blind survey out team priced this kit just under $20. With a retail price of $14.99 we feel that DuneCraft got this one right on!

After you’ve seen a few of these “experiment-style” kits – and while the “Outer Space” theme is certainly unique, many of the experiments are similar. If the “Outer Space” theme gets your kids excited about science – then we say excellent – but if you don’t need the space theme to get the kids involved then any of the science-like kits will work.

The Outer Space Expolorer Set from DuneCraft is definitely fun for a variety of kids at a variety of ages. With a bit of help from Mom and Dad, the kit is easy to use – and it is definitely priced well. We aren’t thrilled that the ingredients get used up and kids won’t be able to enjoy them time and again…but from a learning perspective this is a fun set that your kids will enjoy.

Manufacturer: DuneCraft
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.dunecraft.com
Buy It Here: