My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler from Choose Friendship Company Kids Product Review

My Friendship Bracelet Maker goes global with the Traveler! Great for backpacks and carry-ons, this fun and friendly go-anywhere travel buddy puts an international twist on the message of friendship. Crafters will appreciate the globe clip that keeps the bracelet in place during knotting. Clever numbered slots keep colored threads organized. The nifty slide out drawer features 20 pre-cut Prism embroidery threads in 10 different colors. Like all products, the included instructions – from how to thread the loom to basic knots – are easy to understand. For more visual ideas, users can log on to the company website for great how-to videos and lessons.

Do you want easy arts and crafts projects for your little one – or do you want something a bit more challenging to learn and master? Kids love friendship bracelets, and they’ll love them even more once they learn how to make the bracelets themselves…but be warned…for little girls (and boys too) on the younger end of the spectrum, mastering the art of friendship bracelets takes a bit longer than some would like. The Traveler puts all the tools in your child’s hands…and with a little help from Mom (or Dad) kids will be on their way to making awesome bracelets with just a bit of practice. Keep in mind – at the beginning at least – you are going to need to help follow the instructions.

The My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler itself has no durability issues…no concerns for breakdown. With that said, the kit includes 20 pre-cut threads in 10 different colors…and if you have an excited little bracelet maker on your hands you’ll be on your way to the craft store to restock the threads/colors. That isn’t a bad thing at all…just know the amount of thread included isn’t limitless…and if you run out, well, the kit becomes a bit useless.

Seriously – do you want to see a little girl’s face light up? If yes – let them see someone working on the Traveler! It looks fun to use (it is!) and it looks like fun to create bracelets for family and friends (it is!)! Awesome Visual Appeal!

This is where My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler really excels! First off, the entire unit is portable with room for the thread to be stored inside…talk about perfect for the car, planes, sleep-overs – you name it! Next, the directions are detailed and easy to understand, so your little one will be crafting cool bracelets quickly. And finally, the product website – – is amazing – with links to instructional videos for new and exciting patterns!

With a price tag of just under $17.00 our group was absolutely thrilled to award 5 stars in Cost Efficiency. We love when an arts and crafts project based toy comes in under $20 – especially one like this where you can expect to have to purchase more thread when they fall in love with bracelet making. Perfectly priced – well done!

Yes Mom, we know, you used to make friendship bracelets with thread and a safety pin – and that is still an option for some of you out there. But we think My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler is just so much better! It’s self-contained, easy to learn with, and absolutely fun. An absolutely original twist on a craft favorite!

Reviewing My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler from Choose Friendship Company was one of the most fun reviews we’ve taken on in a long time. Lets be honest, this brings us right back to summer camp fun, friends and crushes. Now your kids can get a quick, fun and easy start to making friendship bracelets themselves, and it all comes in one perfectly portable kit. Yes, making friendship bracelets isn’t exactly easy to learn when you are just starting, but this kit gets your little ones started right. And sure, you’ll have to replenish the supply of thread, but that isn’t a big deal – more like a fun outing to a craft store with your kids! Other than that, everything here is spot on – functionality, pricing, originality – we just couldn’t be any happier! Your little ones will love their turn working with this timeless craft classic with the all new spin!

Manufacturer: Choose Friendship Company
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $16.99
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