On the Farm from Find It Games Kids Product Review

Old MacDonald-wannabes and animal lovers alike will delight in the new “On the Farm” hidden object game with 42 different items tucked among the brightly colored pellets, all packaged inside a clever silo-shaped cylinder, complete with a ladder! Like all Find It hidden object games, this barnstormer of a game provides hours of fun for all generations. Use the enclosed score pad to check off items as kids, babysitters, parents and grandparents find a chicken, a tractor, a scarecrow or a milk jug. On the bottom of the game is a checklist of all items which allows players to “find it” in the car, in the backyard or even down at the local barn!

Over the years we’ve reviewed a few games from Find It – and the Ease of Use category always makes us laugh. Certainly, it is easy for anyone to pick up one of the Find It Games – and start playing. But is it easy to solve, play, win, find everything?! Absolutely not! But be warned – it is addictive!

With all of the pieces closed and locked inside the Find It Games cylinder, there are no durability concerns. There is a checklist pad included for tracking items you find, but if you don’t have it, it isn’t necessary to play and solve.

Kids take a look at the cylinder, watch others trying to find the hidden objects, and they just can’t help themselves – they need a turn. Now that is Visual Appeal if you ask us!

On one hand, On the Farm from Find It Games is almost never ending. There is a list of 42 different items to find, and no question it is challenging (read very, very, very hard) to find all pieces. Essentially the search may never end. With that said, all you are doing is searching – the game itself never changes or evolves. From a function perspective Find it Games are what they are – seek and find – but not exactly overly functional or varied in gameplay.

With a price point of $23, some members of the review team did have a hard time justifying the expense. There is definitely some quality here, but for a game that can be put on the coffee table or brought along in the car for kids, we would have like the price to be closer to $15 than to $25.

Yes, we’ve reviewed other Find It Games – but we love On the Farm. It is a new brand/style for Find It – and the first time we reviewed one of their games we were blown away with the innovation, concept and design. Nothing has changed on that front – meaning this is still an all-original!

On the Farm from Find It Games is absolutely fun and absolutely addicting. The On the Farm theme is a nice compliment to the line – and fits in well. Kids, teens and parents will certainly find this game incredibly hard to put down. It’s easy to use (at least to play with, not solve), durable, and innovative. Pricing isn’t our favorite – but other than that there is no downside. On the Farm is a fun addition to your at home and in the car games for kids!

Manufacturer: Find It Games
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $23.00
On the Web: www.FindItGames.com
Buy It Here: