Joovy StepTool Step Stool Kids Product Review

The Joovy StepTool combines cutting edge design and sturdiness to look great and perform even better.

The StepTool is great in all environments and makes reaching easier for you and your children. Whether using it to reach a kitchen counter, the bathroom sink, or the ‘big’ potty, the StepTool will step-up to your needs.  Joovy’s step stool’s sturdy construction is rated to support 300 lbs. and the non-slip top and bottom ensures both safety and stability.

The StepTool’s sleek and clean design will look great in any home plus its stackability makes storage and clean-up simple. You’ll want one in every room!

Form and function finally meet with the Joovy StepTool.  The StepTool is entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.


  • Non-slip rubber top and bottom ensures both safety and stability
  •  Solid construction rated to support 300 lbs.
  •  Sleek and sturdy design is great for child and parent use
  •  BPA, PVC and Phthalate free

Well…it’s a stool…kids step on it. There you go.

Joovy’s StepTool Step Stool feels substantial and safe. It’s rated to hold up to 300 pounds – more than any little one we’ve ever come across!

This was probably the category that generated the most conversation in our meeting. On one hand – like all Joovy products – the StepTool has clean lines and a modern look – which definitely appealed to some of the folks on our team. On the other hand, some folks said it was just a white stool. So…we’ll play this one down the middle.

The StepTool certainly comes in handy. In fact, a few of the Moms talked about using it themselves in the pantry and in kitchens to reach some of those hard to reach kitchen items. It is light enough for little ones to move it from in front of the toilet to in front of the sink. It’s amazing how much functionality our little stools found!

The retail price is $19.99 – which really doesn’t seem all that expensive. There are some less expensive stools out there that you can find at some of your big box stores, but they don’t seem to be quite as sturdy. The price tag of less than $20 works well for us.

Ummmm…nope…no offense to the StepTool, but we’ve seen our share of stools!

Allright people – we know it’s a stool – but we’re still giving it 4 stars. Why you ask? Because we have a system here – that’s why! And when broken down category by category this handy little stool rates very nicely thank you very much! It is certainly easy to use, it’s durable, functional – and some of the team even found it stylish. Pricing is fair, and although it isn’t exactly original, did we mention how useful a lightweight, yet durable stool can be around the house? Yes, we did…If you need a stool for bathrooms, sinks or everyday use, you can’t go wrong with the StepTool from Joovy!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: 1 year and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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