Circle High Chair from Creative Baby Product Review

Sleek and upscale design at an affordable price, the Circle High Chair is designed to include all of the features of a high priced high chair at a lower price!

Meal time can be a messy and bothersome chore. Wouldn’t it be nice to just put your child in a high chair and that’s it? With a hydraulic height adjustment system, all you need to adjust the height is simply press on the pedal button with your feet. Wouldn’t it be nice to not having to move the highchair all over the place in order to have your child face you while you continue multitasking? The internal rotation design offers quick and easy 360 degrees rotation for the seat so you never have to turn the whole high chair again!

Removable Main tray so it can be used as a youth chair and a dishwasher safe tray is included. Roomy and comfortable seat pad can be easily removed for cleaning and comes with a 5 point harness so can be rest assured your child is safe in it. Comes equipped with 3 position recline, multi-height adjustment levels and wheels (under the base) for easy mobility, the Circle High Chair is designed to simplify your life.


  • Sleek upscale, compact design
  • Air controlled piston for seamless height adjustment
  • Can be used without tray as a youth chair or at adult table during meals
  • Internal rotation design offers quick and easy 360 degrees rotation
  • Contemporary base offers superior stability
  • Adjustable tray includes removable, dishwasher safe snap-on feeding tray
  • 3 position recline for added comfort
  • Roomy, comfortable ,seat pad can  be easily removed for cleaning
  • 5 point harness for added safety

The Circle High Chair from Creative Baby is designed to be easy to use – but is it? Well, yes and no. First off, there is some work involved in putting the chair together. It isn’t that difficult of a job, but it would be helpful if you’ve had a bit of prior experience assembling kid-stuff. Once assembled the harness holds the child well, and the 360-degree circle feature is a plus that does make meal time easier on Mom and Dad.

As with all items for baby (including toys, furniture, etc.) we can only go so far when it comes to durability. Bottom line – this chair is going to take a pounding. The chair itself wipes clean easily, and the swivel works, but in our limited usage of the seat we just couldn’t give it five stars knowing that between the spinning and the hydraulic-style pedal for height adjustment, after a lot of use, this chair may begin to now work as smoothly as day one.

Super-stylish, modern, clean and adorable. If you like modern (and functional) this is the chair for you!

The seat itself spins easily in 360-degrees. Height adjustments can be made by simply stepping on the pedal. Not sure what additional function you’re looking for in a high-chair – this one has it all!

There are a lot of high-chairs on the market – and a lot with varying price tags. The Circle High Chair is neither the most expensive we’ve seen – nor is it the least expensive. Pricing is right in the middle of the pack…

We love the concept and we love the design. Heck we even love the pattern choices for the seat itself. In a world filled with lots of stationary, non-spinning high-chairs, the Circle High Chair definitely stands out!

Overall we really did like the Circle High Chair from Creative Baby. The first thing all of us said was that it is different, but the same. Basically it has all of the usefulness of every other high-chair you’ve seen (a perfect place to feed baby), but it adds in easy spinning and easy height adjustments. Combine that with the modern look and we are certainly pleased – and you will be too!

Manufacturer: Creative Baby
Recommended Age: Baby up to 50 pounds
Retail Price: $149.99
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