Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band – A Potluck – Kids Music Product Review

Like a neighborhood block party where everyone brings their favorite dish, Luck Diaz and the Family Jam Band’s A Potlick offers something for everyone. This new collection of sweet and happy songs ranges from indie pop to vintage rock and roll, ska and world beats. It celebrates the diverse surprises you might find in any neighborhood. The songs on A Potluck reflect the real-life, mized-stew Los Angeles neighborhood where the band members live and work.

Track Listing:

  • Morning
  • Lines and Dots
  • On My Bike
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Squirelly the Squirrel
  • Monkey Jones
  • Li’l Red Rooster
  • Tres Ratones
  • Invisible Friend
  • Who Stole the Cookies
  • Night

Ease of Use for an album? Silly category – right? Wrong. Have you ever tried getting your 6 year old to listen to an album that you want? Or has your 6 year old ever tried convincing you to listen to that horribly annoying child-CD again and again and again? Exactly…

Now that we understand each other more clearly, back to the ratings. With Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band both parents and children are going to love listening! The tunes are fun, fresh, upbeat, alternative, indie, pop, a little bit country…and just plain awesome. We’re talking an easy sell here – for parents and children alike.

CD or download – no durability issues.

Another strange category to write to when it comes to music…but…the tunes are just fantastic. Parents of today grew up in the 90s with such a wide array of musical styles and influences…and all of those styles and influences are reflected in this album. Fun to listen to at home while playing, fun to listen to in the car on a drive.

Suggested retail price is $12.98…we like our albums to be just under $10 – but this certainly isn’t off-base based on the quality of the songs.

A Potluck is an album filled with all-original songs that blend an amazing bevy of musical styles and influences. One minute you think you are hearing a bit of They Might Be Giants (also a kids-music-scene-fave), the next minute you’ll think your hearing early Weezer, The Stray Cats, there’s alt-country influences in the spanish-language Tres Ratones, there’s soft lullaby Jack Johnson style songs. Yet with all of these popular influences all of the songs come off as kid-centered, adult-friendly, originals.

I’m not going to mix words here – when it comes to music I can be a bit of a snob. Let’s put it this way – I only like one type of music – good music. I like tunes across all genres, from jam to pop, punk to hip-hop – if the song is good – I like it. Now when it comes to kids tunes, I can get annoyed quickly. Sure there are kids songs that are fun classics – but how many times can a musical snob listen to “Wheels on the Bus”? A Potluck is here to save your soul. Well written songs, well performed, fun and topical for your kids, and just perfect for parents to groove to. Mom…Dad…it’s cool – play those air drums, tap your feet, groove away – you’ll love Luck Diaz and the Family Jam Band and the ecclectic collection of songs on A Potluck just as much as the kids!

Manufacturer: Rainy Day Dimes Music
Recommended Age: 2 years to 9 years
Retail Price: $12.98
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