Gutzy Gear Party! (Mom on the Run Style)

It is true that I usually find sponsored blogs to be total sell outs. As soon as I see that little sentence “This blog is sponsored by…”, I typically click away. I don’t mean to be rude, I am just usually not that interested in reading a page long advertisement.  Conversely, I really do admire those families that have been able to grow business out of blogging. They like me, are working from home and hopefully (but definitely in my imagination) making it work and able to find that work/life/family balance that I seem to be striving for but not yet achieving. Ahh, a story for another blog because this one was sponsored and that one wouldn’t be!

With that long winded prelude, I have to introduce you to Gutzy Gear ( My daughter and I saw Gutzies a few months ago and she started bugging me to call them and get more information (or ask them to sponsor my blog by sending us free stuff). If you have been following my blog you already know that Thing One and Thing Two are typically my blog inspiration.

Gutzies are velcro patches that fit ever so neatly on velcro straps that easily attach to a back pack, messenger bag, guitar strap etc.. They come in a million shapes, sizes colors, and styles ranging from rainbows to Spongebob. Unlike Go Go’s, Bey Blades, and Silly Bands, they are neither a choking hazard nor a severe tripping hazard. My feet graciously thank the makers of Gutzy Gear.

So long story and one busy summer short, we had a Gutzy party. Thing One and Thing Two each invited a couple of neighborhood kids to come see what the fuss was all about. After I saw how excited the kids were I felt bad that I had severely limited how many kids could come. We introduced the kids to the Gutzy concept, and played a few games, like match the Gutzy, and Gutzy bingo, and then we let the savages take over. We handed out all of the patches and let the kids trade, bargain and negotiate with each other to create their own personalized Gutzy Mecca. The kids LOVED it. Some of the kids even designed their own fantasy Gutzies which I mailed in after the party.

Now the Mommy guilt sets in. A week later I am still sending straps and a few patches to school for the kids who were not invited but want in on the action. So although the party was definitely sponsored these Gutzy geniuses have my kids hooked, and this Mom already at the store buying more for friends and family!