Rainforest Biosphere from DuneCraft Kids Product Review

Grow your own piece of the colorful and tropical rainforest. Grow a variety of plants with tropical textures and vibrant patterns. Your Rainforest will develop into exotic trees, underbrush, and even vines! Hide and discover your own Rainforest Treasure and make a home for your Rainforest Friend! Create your own untamed river and finish the scene with Rainforest themed plant markers and color decals. All the fantastic species in the set are quick to sprout and characteristically vigorous growers!

The Rainforest Biosphere from DuneCraft is one of those educational toys that parents are going to need to help their kids work with. It isn’t exactly difficult to set up the Biosphere or plant the seeds, and there is pretty much no maintenance required…but kids on the younger end of the spectrum are going to need help from Mom or Dad in getting things set up. It’s fun to work with the dirt and the seeds – but it will take a little help from you.

Follow the directions and your rainforest will grow – which is awesome – and your kids are going to be thrilled watching it come together. It is so cool. And for those of us with a black thumb (yes, that is definitely a few of us on the team!) you will be thrilled that the plants and flowers will grow. The only durability issues we found were that obviously plants eventually will die, and if you have kids that can’t seem to keep the biosphere closed the plants won’t grow properly.

Super amazing awesome Visual Appeal! Was that clear enough for you? Your kids are going to love putting the Rainforest Biosphere with you – and they are going to love it even more when the greenery grows!

While this isn’t necessarily a toy that you can play with over and over again, there is plenty of functionality here. Remember, you and the kids are going to start by putting it all together…and then you and the kids are going to enjoy watching it grow for months to come. You’ll be surprised at just how proud your child will be as their own personal rainforest takes shape.

The retail price is set at $24.99 – and at first glance, some parents may think that is a bit on the pricey side. We don’t – and here’s why…if you were to go out and by soil, seeds and some sort of biosphere or planter, you’d be spending as much or more. DuneCraft puts the entire package together for you and your kids – and with one purchase (or gift) you have everything you need. Pretty fair pricing when you add it all up.

There are a few kits similar to the Rainforest Biosphere – but it would be hard to say this isn’t original. We love the parts and pieces included – and we love the rainforest concept (similarly we’ve seen cactus and a desert concepts).

If you’ve been a consistent reader of our reviews over the years, you know we love any toy that is educational, and we love any toy that gets you and your kids hands a little dirty. With the Rainforest Biosphere from DuneCraft – you get both! Parents need to work with kids on the project, but it is easy to use. Super functional and priced fairly. The Rainforest Biosphere is an awesome, fun, educational project for you and your family!

Manufacturer: DuneCraft
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $24.99
On the Web: www.dunecraft.com
Buy It Here: