Big Little Games – Flingin’ Frogs from Patch Products Kids Game Product Review

Fling your frogs onto the Lily Pad levels to score points. But, beware…someone else’s flung frog may push yours off and leave you scoreless! Challenge friends to a game, or play by yourself to top your best scores. The Lily Pad also acts as a convenient storage and travel case. For 1 to 4 Players, Ages 4 & Up

Easy? Good question! Yes, out of the box, your kids (and you!) will be flippin’ and flingin’ frogs everywhere! Onto the lily pads and into the flower? Well…that may take a little more practice! In all seriousness, Flippin’ Frogs is a simple game that is super easy to play right out of the box.

So the whole point of this game is to fling your frogs…and as you can imagine when little kids start flingin’, frogs go flyin’ – everywhere! If your kids can locate them all round after round then they are better seekers and finders then ours! Truthfully – the only durability concern is keeping all of the pieces together – no concerns other than that.

Big Little Games are designed to be simple, small and loads of fun to play. Flingin’ Frogs is no different! Once a child sees just how this game is played they will fall in love and start flingin’. You couldn’t ask for more Visual Appeal than that!

Well…not every game is Monopoly or Risk, right?! And while Flingin’ Frogs isn’t designed to be complicated, and it succeeds in that, it is a bit hard to rate it to high in functionality. Definitely fun to play, just not all that deep.

With a price tag under $10 – actually under $9 – we couldn’t be more impressed. Look – Flingin’ Frogs is a fun little game. It’s simple. It doesn’t have a ton of complex pieces. It has no flashing lights, bells or whistles. And it is priced perfectly!

We’ve never played any game quite like Flingin’ Frogs…have you? Again – not the most complex, but it certainly is unique!

Our team and our kids really had fun with Flingin’ Frogs. It is easy to use out of the box and guaranteed to get the room laughing – whether you are 4 or 40! It’s priced well and fun for everyone. If you are looking for a simple, lighthearted, active game to add to your game mix, Flingin’ Frogs fits the bill!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $8.99
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