HEXBUG Larva Kids Collectible Toy Product Review

The HEXBUG Larva features a forward facing infrared sensor that allows it to detect fellow squirming larvae and other objects in its path. When the HEXBUG Larva encounters a road block, it spins around on two micro robotic wheels hidden beneath its hard exterior shell and heads off in a new direction. Three button cell batteries are included.

If we’ve learned anything over the years of reviewing awesome HEXBUG toys we know one thing for certain…they are absolutely easy to use! All your kids will have to do is turn them on and let them run – they move, squirm, squiggle, bounce, redirect and more…easy as can be!

The only durability issues that we’ve ever had with HEXBUGS are that some are a bit tiny and can worm or crawl their way out of sight if your kids don’t keep an eye on them. With the target age slotted in for kids 8 and up that really shouldn’t be a problem (it’s just the younger kids that tend to lose track). Batteries do run out eventually, but they are easily replaced. No durability worries.

We are talking about computerized robotic bugs here people! Yes, they look amazing. And unlike the other creepy, crawly HEXBUGS, Larva sort of slither and slip and scurry there way across the landscape. Awesome!

Well…this was a fairly contested category for our review team. Some of the team just love the Larva for what they are…fun little collectible robotic bugs. Others felt that after watching the crawl and slither for a while you like them to do something else. And we are quite certain that is why the folks from HEXBUG added awesome habitat and sets that kids can build on and play with. Yet with that said, you would need to buy other sets to make them more usable. So…functionality was a bit of a mixed bag…some were pleased, some wanted a bit more.

With a retail price of $14.99, Cost Efficiency didn’t generate as much conversation as functionality…pretty much everyone on our team agreed that the Larva is a bit overpriced. Yes, it’s robotic, yes it moves around, but with a price tag of $15 some of our parents wanted more. Let’s be clear here…we’ve sort of always felt that HEXBUG toys are on the expensive side – we love them – we’d just like them less expensive.

The Larva generated some strong discussion in the Originality department. The team has already agreed – we love HEXBUGS and we think they are definitely original. However, we have been seeing these awesome little bugs for a few years now. On the other hand, the Larva is unlike any of the other bugs, there are no legs propelling them around, and the sensor moves them around other objects. After much discussion we couldn’t give them a full five stars for Originality, but we do have a very strong 4!

HEXBUG Larva are another fantastic addition to the HEXBUG world! They are super cool, super new and an excellent addition to your child’s HEXBUG collection. If your child has any of the HEXBUG sets, the Larva will fit right in. The Larva are expensive – so you are paying a premium for a little toy, that if you don’t have careful kids could easily get lost. However, if you’ve got kids that love bugs and robots and collectibles (who doesn’t really) then you are going to have very large smiles on their faces when you bring home a Larva – the next generation of awesome bugs from HEXBUG!

Manufacturer: Innovation First Labs, Inc.
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.hexbug.com
Buy It Here: