Healthy Shopping – or – I know I’d eat better if someone just told me what to shop for?!

 Do you dread grocery shopping because you feel confused about what should be in your cart or you’re tired of the same old thing?  Next time you hit the supermarket bare in mind my tips below and see how much more fun food shopping can be.

  1. Plan out a weekly menu. This is the best way to ensure that you have a complete list, and that you have enough to serve your family dinner for the week. When you are planning your menus think about how each meal can easily be made into a leftover meal with one extra ingredient. For example: if you’re making stir fry maybe get whole wheat wraps to take as a sandy the next day for lunch. Take some recipes with you so you know exactly what to buy. Check out my recipe page for suggestions
  2. Read labels and never buy anything that contains more than three ingredients you can’t pronounce. Look for trans fat, hydrogenated oils, high amounts of sugar, saturated fat, lots of sodium, cholesterol. Then avoid them like the plague. Look instead for fiber, good fats, protein, vitamins, calcium…
  3. Buy brown instead of white when it comes to sugar, bread, rice and flour. The less a food is refined, the better it usually is for your body. 
  4. Never grocery shop hungry. When you hit the supermarket on an empty stomach, your cart is much more likely to be filled with sweet treats, fatty chips, easy processed meals and junk food. If you find yourself at the store with a growling belly, simply buy a granola bar or small bag of nuts to eat before you hit the aisles.  You will not only save your cupboards from being stocked with unhealthy foods, but you’ll also save your wallet from superfluous impulse buys! 
  5. Know when the store stocks its fresh fruits and veggies. This makes a big difference. Fruits and veggies can go bad quickly, because they have to be shipped. So know when they stock up on the fresh goods. Also, try to buy the produce in season.

About Loni:
Loni Markman is not your typical Nutrition Consultant! Loni has been working in the field of wellness for almost a decade, helping clients find nourishment and balance in their everyday lives. She focuses on pre and post natal nutrition, weight management and general women’s health. She has a true passion for educating and inspiring others on their journey to better heath.

Loni holds a Masters Degree in Health, a Bachelors in Business, a Certification as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Certification in the Psychology of Eating with Marc David, she holds a Certification from Power Pilates and has extensive studies in Emotional Freedom Technique. All of which she infuses into her integrative coaching with clients. You can learn more about Loni on her websites – and