Wepad Party 1 – iPad Games App for the Whole Family Review

8 friends playing on 1 iPad! Can you imagine how much fun it can be!? Entertain your guests and friends with 3 awesome games all included with one Wepad download!

  • Wedrift: Show off your driving skills on ice!
  • Wetron: Trap your friends within your walls!
  • Wecheck: Be the quickest to identify clones!

Wepad games are designed to be easy-to-play but hard-to-master – so everyone who plays has a chance to win. Download the app and see who will be the uncontested Wepad Champ of the Day!

Let’s start with this…the folks that designed Wepad Party 1 knew that kids of all ages (and parents too!) would want to play this together – and everyone is out there playing to win! So when we were able to mix kids of all ages (and their parents!) in competition we were so happy to see everyone learn quickly how to play and have a chance to win. Like the description says – Wepad Party 1 is “easy-to-learn” but “hard-to-master” – translation: fun for everyone!

We love iPad apps for one simple reason – no durability issues! If a child or parent with all thumbs happens to erase the app, just download it again!

Wepad Party 1 isn’t by any stretch the most visually impressive app we have ever seen. However…have you ever seen what happens when a family takes to their iPad, iPods and laptops? Total seperation…the gang could be in 1 room for hours not interacting. Drop Wepad onto an iPad and the entire group is gathered around 1 iPad laughing and playing! What Wepad lacks in actual graphics appeal it more than makes up for in actual gameplay appeal! Seriously…who can resist joining in a group crowded around 1 iPad laughing away!? We can’t!

Wepad Party 1 has 3 different games for the gang to play – a driving game, a strategy game and a quick reaction/reflex game. That’s plenty of function for an app in our book.

Imagine…a toy that is fun and entertaining that costs just $3.00 – and only earning 3-stars from our team. Sadly, the reality of apps is that we are so accustomed to them being priced at 99-cents that when one crosses the $1 line we have to take a few stars away.

We’ve never played any app that brings family and friends together in a fun, competitive way like this! Awesome originality!

We really fell in love with Wepad Party 1 from the second we started playing it. It’s hard not too! Wepad Party 1 is easy to play – and fun for a large group to play together. No durability issues…and even with a price of $2.99 – we’re willing to bite the bullet a bit for an app that is fun for so many people to use at the same time! Finally an app to bring family and friends together!

Manufacturer: Wepad / Bulkypix
Recommended Age: 7 years and up
Retail Price: $2.99
On the Web: www.wepadgames.com
Buy It Here: www.itunes.com