The Safe Sporter Water Bottle from Kid Basix Product Review

Made from clean, non-leaching, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, The Safe Sporter is single-walled to maximize volume while remaining lightweight. The bottle’s wide mouth is designed for easy cleaning and made to fit ice cubes, conveniently converting it into a lunchbox cooler.

From it’s easy-pull sport spout and soft-locking mudcap, to its tapered waist and TPR grip, Kid Basix designed this water bottle with little hands in mind.

We used the Safe Sporter, our kids used the Safe Sporter, and all in all it operates like any other reusable water bottle…which, by the way, is a good thing in our book. The Safe Sporter is not complicated and we love that. Pop the top, open the spout, drink away. Add in a wide mouth for easy filling (ice too) and we’ve got a bottle that is definitely easy to use.

A big part of the design of a reusable water bottle like The Safe Sporter is its durability and reusability. In our albeit limited testing period, we saw no dropoff in performance or usability. Yes, the top cap may eventually pop off and not be able to be put back on, but the bottle will still work.

Awesome. The Safe Sporter has sort of a futuristic, spaceman look to it that your kids will just love. Add in a wide, wide, wide variety of cool colors and your kids will be happy to pick out their favorite (and use it too)!

First and foremost, The Safe Sporter works extremely well as your little one’s special water bottle. If it didn’t work, the next part wouldn’t matter…but it does work…so the next part does matter! We’re talking environment here people…remember…reduce, reuse, recycle. Well, with The Safe Sporter you’ll be reducing and reusing. And to top it all off, The Safe Sporter is BPA and Phthalate free – translation – safer for your children. Add it up and we’re talking plenty of functionality!

Well…price comes down to perspective…some people don’t want to spend $15 on a water bottle…some people are happy to buy bottle after bottle of water at the store and see the $1 or $2 investment as nothing compared to $15 – even if they buy again and again and again. With that in mind, there was some pushback in an expensive water bottle purchase for 4 year olds who are going to do everything in their little power to destroy, lose or break The Safe Sporter. If you are health conscious and environmentally aware, the price tag seems more than fair. If you aren’t so concerned (and it isn’t a judgement – we know many aren’t), than you may not want to fork over $15.

Well, we at WTS Toy Review are health conscious and envirnmentally aware and we love seeing products like The Safe Sporter that are healthy and environmentally friendly. Sadly, we’ve seen others, so we just can’t award all 5 stars in originality!

Overall we love The Safe Sporter! We love what it stands for and how it performs. We love that it is healthier for our children and good for the environment. We do think the price is leaning towards the higher end of the scale, but we also understand that comparatively $15 is small change compared to plastic water bottle after plastic water bottle. We feel it is durable, well made and an excellent choice for your kids!

Manufacturer: Kid Basix, LLC
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
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