Kid’Sleep Classic – Children’s Sleep Trainer, Night Light, Wake-Up Indicator & Alarm Clock Product Review

The Kid’Sleep Classic helps kids stay in bed until it is time to get up! If the sleeping bunny’s picture is lit, kids know to stay in bed. When the awake bunny is illuminated, it is okay to get out of bed and start the day. The Kid’Sleep Classic has dual nighttime/naptime settings and an optional alarm (which is a very sweet bird chirping sound followed by a rooster crowing), in addition to three levels of brightness. The Kid’Sleep Classic comes in blue (bunny) or pink (cow).

Our team looked at the Ease of Use category from two sides: Is it easy for parents to set-up? And is it easy for kids to use? The answer to both is sort of the same: yes, but…

Starting with set-up – simply plug the Kid’Sleep into a wall, then follow the detailed included directions. For our parents that were a bit more electronically inclined they had little to no trouble setting up the unit. For our parents that were a bit less electronically inclined, well, it took a bit longer. Some even brought in help from friends! In our opinion it isn’t terribly difficult to set-up – but hey, we write a web blog so we sort of know a bit about electronics.

Now – onto kids…The main use of the Kid’Sleep is as a sleep trainer – providing young children with a visual indicator as to when it is cool to get out of bed. We found that kids around age 2 had no problem understanding the concept – under that was a bit more difficult. So if we look at kids that understand the images, it really wasn’t difficult to get them to understand. However, if you have a bit of a defiant or free-spirited child it is definitely going to take some time to teach them to stay in bed when the little animal is asleep and only get up when the animal is up! Hey – it is called sleep “training” for a reason!

While some of our parents voiced a few regrets about having to reset the unit if it were unplugged or if the power went out, we just didn’t see that affecting the durability factor. With many nights use we saw no breakdown or cause for concern.

Super cute, super adorable! Choose either the baby blue version or the soft pink version, and you’ve got a special sleep training tool, alarm clock combo for your little one. The soft colors should work well with any nursery or child’s room.

Kid’Sleep packs three distinct functions – it’s a nightlight, a wake-up indicator and an alarm clock for older children. So it’s isn’t like this little accessory is short on uses. Our team did feel like they would have liked an actual clock built in so kids learning to tell time had something to work with.

Keep in mind our team is always tough on pricing, and this case is no exception. The gang would have like the retail price to be approximately half of what it is. Other alarm clocks for children fall right around the $20 range – and with a retail price of a hair under $40 the Kid’Sleep is definitely on the pricey side. Now – don’t get us wrong – we know this isn’t your regular alarm clock, but the alarm clock market is our closest reference point for pricing. Kid’Sleep does have lots of other functionality, and it really isn’t just designed as an alarm clock, rather it is designed as a sleep training tool. With that in mind pricing starts to come a bit more in line, but even so, at $40 it is a bit costly.

Sure we’ve seen alarm clocks for kids before, but we’ve never seen anything quite so uniquely genuine as Kid’Sleep. A simple visual cue lets your child know if it is still sleep time or if they can get up and start their day. Unique, original and brilliant.

Kid’Sleep is easy for some parents to use and difficult for others. Some kids take to the Kid’Sleep concepts right away, while some other kids don’t. Kid’Sleep is definitely durable, but will need to be reset after the power goes out or if you have to unplug and replug. Kid’Sleep certainly packs in plenty of functionality for young ones of a variety of ages. It looks adorable and is sure to fit the decor of any little one’s room or nursery. The price is a bit high, but let’s face facts – if you need to work with your child on when it is a good time to get out of bed or to go back to sleep, paying a premium is the least of your worries. Kid’Sleep gives parents a very valuable tool to use in the teaching time required to help your little one understand sleep time and awake time. If you have a child who loves to get up (and get you up) a bit too early every day, the Kid’Sleep could be the perfect solution for you!

Manufacturer: Claessens' Kids / Live, Love, Dream, Inc.
Recommended Age: Newborn - 5 years old
Retail Price: $39.99
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