Energy Boost from a Food You Can’t Pronounce! Healthy Eating Blog

We warned you last week that it was time to start getting your children (and yourself) in back-to-school shape.  First on that list is getting their energy levels back to where they need to be to take on those loooong school days.  Here’s a quick tip from Loni on an awesome way to get that back-to-school boost!

Every fitness enthusiast is always looking for the best pre or post workout snack. Well, one of my favorites is Acai (ah-sigh-ee) it’s packed with energy, amazing for recovery and a super sweet treat. Acai is a tiny berry that is found in the Brazilian rainforests and has been used for centuries as medicine with the local tribes. It became popular through martial arts and was brought to the states in 2000 by surfers who used it in Brazil to support their intense workouts.

Recent studies have found that the Acai is one of the most powerful foods in the world. Packed with antioxidants, it has a nearly perfect amino acid complex to support muscle contraction and ease joint pain, it has healthy fats to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health plus it increases energy levels and speeds up metabolism making it a nearly perfect food to support your workouts.

My favorite part if you can simple eat it out of the pint, you can have it for breakfast topped with granola or you can add it to a smoothie and drink it on the go. Try it for an energizing and truly nutritious pre or post workout treat.