Joovy Loo Potty Chair Baby Potty Training Seat Product Review

The Joovy Loo combines contemporary styling with watertight cleanliness to give you the most functional potty on the market. Joovy understands that teaching your child to “go” is your number one priority, but cleaning up afterwards is a very close second. This is why the Loo has a completely sealed inner bowl and has been designed with only two parts that fit cleanly together with no nooks or crannies for spill overs to get trapped.

The Loo’s bright white color and ultra-smooth finish ensures clean-up is a snap. Its non-slip base offers stability during use and the integrated splash shield prevents spills. The large capacity bowl has plenty of fill space and is easy to lift out and empty with our no-touch grab handle. The Loo’s solid construction can handle kids of all sizes and is rated to exceed 60 lbs.

The Loo was designed in America at a world-renowned industrial design university and uses smooth ergonomic forms to ideally fit your child without limiting their comfort. The design is simple and uncomplicated so you and your child can focus on the task at hand.

Joovy feels that potty time is serious business. The sensible design focuses on reinforcing the ultimate transition to an adult seat and makes sure that clean up is easy. The Loo is entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.

Such a fun question when the trials of potty-training are involved! Parents absolutely hate when we give a training seat 5 stars in Ease of Use, but seriously, Joovy’s Loo is easy to use! Of course we know the training itself isn’t easy…no need to remind us…we have little one’s of our own. But…we’re talking about parents using the Loo – setting up, placing your kids on it, and most importantly – cleaning! The Loo sets up easily, and the bowl seals tight – keeping everything clean. If you are lucky enough to have potty success with your child, simply lift out the inner bowl and clean. Easy as can be….now if the Loo could just train your kids for you!

No durability issues here. The Loo fits together well, is built strong to handle the occasional kicking or knocking, and cleans well.

In a world full of Superhero, Princess and Elmo potty seats, our team was so pleased to see a seat that just looks nice. The Loo can fit into the decor of any bathroom (or any room) in your home. We know kids products are supposed to be bright and fun, but potty training is serious business! And we weren’t upset one bit to come across a seat that doesn’t make our eyes hurt from too many crazy colors!

The Loo first together well and flat out works. There are no leaks, no nooks and crannies for any of your child’s business to find. The bowl lifts out easily and cleans well. We can’t think of any other function we’d be hoping for!

The Loo isn’t the least expensive potty chair on the market – but it certainly isn’t out of the range at all. Head out to your local big box store and you’ll find seats/chairs in the $20-$40 range – and for these you are paying for characters, not function. The Loo is well designed and well put together – definitely worth a few extra dollars if you can afford it.

It’s hard to call a potty seat or chair original – after all, parents have been potty training their kids forever. However – we love the look, the clean lines, the performance…in our book that is all original!

We review all kinds of products here at WTS Toy Review – and sometimes people laugh when we award 5 stars to something like a Potty Chair – but look – we love the Loo! It is easy to use (for parents!), durable, functional and stylish. Potty training is never going to be easy – but it is something that can be clean and stylish for Mom and Dad – and the Loo is happy to help! If you are in the market for a Potty Chair – look no further than the Loo!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: 1 year and up
Retail Price: $39.99
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