Super Shooter Basketball from Big Little Games and Patch Products Kids Product Review

Practice shooting hoops and gain mad skills! Just place the ball on the shooter, press down on the back lever, and your ball flies through the air! Includes rules for three games, so you can challenge friends to different games. The shooter attaches to the hoop for storage. For 1 or more players, ages 5 & up.

Super Shooter Basketball takes a quick minute to set-up and the fun will last and last and last. This is one of those games that little boys (and we’re finding more and more little girls) just love. In most cases they can set it up, or parents can quickly assist, and the kids are good to go. We were happy to see that getting the ball through the hoop isn’t terribly difficult either – so your kids won’t (or shouldn’t) get frustrated.

Well – in theory, and for the most part in practice, there are no real durability concerns with Super Shooter Basketball. So why didn’t we award 5 stars? Simple. Depending on your child there is always a chance they will use the shooter a bit too aggressively and damage that…and for almost all children, there is a chance they will start flinging the basketballs around the room and could possibly lose them. Remember, Super Shooter is no fun without the basketballs, so kids will want to be careful watching and keeping track of them as they play.

No denying Super Shooter Basketball just looks fun! And once kids start playing they’ll know for sure that it is fun too!

With Super Shooter Basketball, kids receive directions on how to play 3 fun games. But if you think for one second your kids are just going to follow the rules here – you can forget it! And to us – that is the best part! With Super Shooter Basketball kids will happily play, happily enjoy, and happily create their own little basketball world! Let their imaginations run wild!

There were quite a few people making comments on pricing here. Some felt it should be around $5 – some felt it should be around $10. With an actual retail price it is a bit on the higher side than we wanted – but not by that much – actual retail price is $8.99. And believe us – your kids can get hours of fun out of this little toy – so $9 isn’t really off the wall.

Simple idea – loads of fun – and nothing that has ever come across our desk. That’s original to us!

Look – this is one of those games that kind of drives parents crazy, but kids love. They’ll sit there shooting and shooting and shooting baskets for as long as you’ll let them. It’s easy to use and lots of fun. It doesn’t cost that much – and should last if treated fairly well. We know for a fact kids like this game and are happy to award five stars – we know your kids will like it too!

Manufacturer: Big Little Games - Patch Products
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $8.99
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