FitzIt Card Game from Gamewright Kids, Teens & Tweens Product Review

What comes in a box, fits inside a blender, and is bound to make you laugh? “FitzIt” – the party game where fun is all in the description! Name an object that fits the attributes on your cards and then play them to the grid. The more cards you play, the faster you score. Use your creativity and you’re fit to win!

Lets be clear – FitzIt is not an easy game to pick up or an easy game to play. This is not a game for little kids – and if you want kids on the younger side of the spectrum to join in, you will absolutely as an adult you will need to spend time teaching them how to play. You start with a pile of cards, you start laying them down, and start naming objects that fit the descriptions on the cards. Understanding the game flow and the challenges, as well as how to win, will take a few minutes to learn – possibly even a few practice rounds. Older kids will get it quicker, but there is definitely a learning curve.

No durability concerns here. All cards store comfortably in the box.

This is a card game – where the cards are non-descript with words printed on them. There are no bells and whistles, no flashing lights. The game play isn’t wildly dynamic either, but more cerebral and conversational, so playing the game is most likely not going to attract a crowd. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play – it just means it doesn’t look overly exciting at first glance.

What FitzIt lacks in visual excitement it does make up for in Functionality. This is a game that is going to make you think…and think hard. The game is going to play differently each and every time, and will vary depending on the players. Lots of functionality.

So…FitzIt is a simple game, in small simple packaging – and it carries a price tag of $9.99. Now – it’s hard to call a game that is $9.99 overpriced – but at the same time – we are essentially looking at a deck of cards. And $10 for a deck of cards is expensive – or at least more expensive than we would like.

FitzIt is a brand new concept for us – we’ve never seen anything like it. Once you learn how to play, which by the way takes a few extra minutes because it is unlike any game you’ve ever played – it is totally enjoyable. A true original.

FitzIt was definitely an interesting game for our team to review. First off – it plays differently than any other game we’ve ever had our hands on. It isn’t exactly inexpensive, but it isn’t very costly either. More importantly, it is a game that forces players to use their brains – and once things get rolling – it is challenging and fun. If your kids like a game that forces them to use their brains – they are going to love this one!

Manufacturer: Gamewright
Recommended Age: 10 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
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