Wee Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib Baby Product Review

Wee Drool T-Bibs are wearable waterproof bibs designed to protect your little one’s clothing from dribble, drool, spit-up and spills in an ultra-chic way. Made from a blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton, this three-layered t-shirt like design is the ultimate in softness, comfort, soak-proof protection…and of course style!

Wee Drool T-Bibs are definitely easy to use. With armholes and three-way snaps, the bib goes on easy and stays in place. The neckline is also purposely high to keep moisture, spills and drool from seeping down into clothing. Easy!

We have to say we were pleasantly surprised with the durability of Wee Drool T-Bibs. Bottom line, these bibs look and feel like t-shirts – so at first we were concerned they just wouldn’t last as a bib. However, after a few uses, a few dribbles and spit-ups, and a few runs through the washing machine (and dryer), we are happy to report that easy stains came clean and the bib held up well. If your child is into messier foods than there can be some staining issues that you will want to pre-treat with a stain remover before washing.

There is absolutely no question about it – these are the most fashionable, most hip, most visually appealing bibs we have ever seen! We’re talking real fashion – real style – in a bib! We’re happy to say it once again – this is once category where five stars just isn’t enough. Wee Drool T Bibs are amazing, fashionable designs similar to what you would see on designer kid’s clothing – and we love it!

Is it a t-shirt? Is it a bib? Will it keep your little one clean? Dry? The answer to all of those questions is yes! So…if you’re looking for functionality in a bib – you’ve got it!

Well….let’s just say that Wee Drool T-Bibs aren’t for everyone. Some of our staff was stunned by the $28.00 price tag. Unfortunately some of the team have some pretty strict rules about pricing for kids clothing – shirts should cost no more than $5, etc. So when we presented them with the cost for these bibs they were really taken aback. In all honesty you can find plastic or cloth bibs out there in packages of 3 for $10 – or less. So…we really do think the price is high – really high, however, some of the team did start to feel that in high-end kids clothing stores, or for expensive gift items, these could work. We know not everyone can afford to pay $28 for a bib…if you can, you will be pleased with the way this performs.
A Note from the Manufacturer: (after the review was completed, the manufacturer asked to say a few words in resonse to our review on pricing)
The Wee Drool T-Bib is proudly manufactured in the USA and uses high quality eco-friendly organic fabrics that absorb 3-4x more than cotton. 1-2 T-Bibs a day can replace 5-10 normal bibs = less rash + less laundry = energy saving and cost efficient = even happier mom!

Yes, there is a high price tag associated with the Wee Drool T-Bib – but at least with these you can see where the money goes – to the materials. It starts with the high quality, high fashion designs. From there, the internal laminated bamboo viscose material does a great job absorbing moisture. Add in the way the T-Bibs go on and sit on children and we are happy to say these designs are truly an original.

We really love Wee Drool T-Bibs…we just really don’t care for the price. So with that said, let’s summarize the positive. Definitely easy to use, definitely durable, definitely functional, and definitely unique. Cool designs for your cool kids. If you can handle the price (which is a big obstacle to overcome) you’ll love the way your baby looks in a Wee Drool T-Bib!

Manufacturer: Wee Drool, LLC
Recommended Age: 3 month - 2 years old
Retail Price: $28.00
On the Web: www.wee-drool.com
Buy It Here: www.wee-drool.com