Teddy Tennis Sticker & Stamp Book App for iPad Product Review

Teddy Tennis is a fantastic new FUN way to encourage children aged 2 – 6 years to get active and learn to play tennis. It works by combining music, pictures and teddy bear stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that your child will love. Teddy Tennis works by combining music, pictures and ‘Teddy Bear’ stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that your child will love.

The Teddy Tennis program is based upon a whole series of songs, pictures, teddy bear characters and games that inspire young children to play tennis. All the songs, pictures, characters and games have been specifically written and created by Teddy Tennis for Teddy Tennis and they all play an important role in the program.

Teddy Tennis is designed for children ages 3-7. With that in mind, kids on the older end of the spectrum have no problem understanding use and game play…however kids on the younger end (especially those that can’t read) will need plenty of help with navigation and use.

As with all apps – no durability issues. Even in it is deleted for some reason, apps are easy to put back on your iPad.

Tough category! In our current iPad app world we so many flat out incredibly amazing looking apps. With that said – our team could only offer 4 stars – not the full 5!

Bottom line, there is a lot of functionality packed into this app…but…and this can be a problem with other apps that we’ve reviewed…there are in-app purchases. More on that to come…but for now we’ll leave it with a nice amount of functionality included free, to get further along some in-app purchases do need to be made.

We started to touch on it above…the app itself is free. Which is awesome…but, there are in app purchases. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not like they are a lot of money for the purchases, but they cost none the less – and your child (specifically you) could be spending a lot to keep upgrading.

All original concept to help kids learn a love for tennis. No question here – absolutely original!

Apps are always tough to rate – simply because in most cases they are robust games for a small amount of money (or free). Teddy Tennis is no exception…the app is free…and there are some in-app purchases if you like. If you have a child with an interest in tennis – they’ll love it. If your child isn’t in tennis, they may need encouraging or they may take right to it. Either way, for free it is worth trying out – your child may fall in love with a great game!

Manufacturer: Nye Digital for Teddy Tennis
Recommended Age: 3 years - 7 years
Retail Price: free with additional in-app purchases
On the Web: www.teddytennis.com
Buy It Here: www.itunes.com