Upgrade you Meals! Healthy Eating Blog

Today’s post is one of my go to “food rules” and it is to simply UPGRADE your current diet and DOWNGRADE your plate. If you are eating an egg sandwich for breakfast add some spinach take away the cheese and have a fresh squeezed carrot juice with it and voila you have upgraded your meal.

What do I mean my downgrade your plate? Well, simply order an appetizer when you eat out or buy some really pretty smaller dishes for your home cooked meals. You are more likely to eat what is in front of you so this is a great tool for portion control and you will really have to check in with yourself and your hunger level before you get up for seconds or ask the waiter for more food.

Check out some other UPGRADE  ideas:
B- instant apple cinnamon oatmeal to plain whole oats with cinnamon and sliced apple
L- chicken cobb salad to a grilled chicken with avocado tomato and lettuce on a spinach wrap
D- Chipolte burrito with brown rice to a make your own rice rice bowl with greens, peppers, beans, avocado and protein of your choice

About Loni:
Loni Markman is not your typical Nutrition Consultant! Loni has been working in the field of wellness for almost a decade, helping clients find nourishment and balance in their everyday lives. She focuses on pre and post natal nutrition, weight management and general women’s health. She has a true passion for educating and inspiring others on their journey to better heath.

Loni holds a Masters Degree in Health, a Bachelors in Business, a Certification as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Certification in the Psychology of Eating with Marc David, she holds a Certification from Power Pilates and has extensive studies in Emotional Freedom Technique. All of which she infuses into her integrative coaching with clients. You can learn more about Loni on her websites – www.elementsoffit.com and www.positivebodyprogram.com.