Kalencom Laminated Buckle Bag – Gypsy Paisley Cotton Candy Diaper Bag Product Review

With a variety of patterns & colors available, Kalencom has a Diaper Bag perfect for every Mom!  With plenty of room, Mom can more easily stay organized.

  • Set includes coordinating diaper bag, zippered pouch, insulated bottle bag and large fold-out padded diaper changing pad
  • Variety of colors and styles available – we reviewed Monkey Stripes Pink
  • Laminated outer layer makes clean up a snap
  • Magnetic clip keeps top flap closed
  • Roomy interior with pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two outside pockets

If you were to ask how can a Diaper Bag not be easy to use, you’d be showing that you’ve never had to quickly move your little one from one flight to the next with a quick diaper change in between! Truth be told, all diaper bags are not created equal. We are happy to say that our Moms were thrilled with the use of the Laminated Buckle Bag from Kalencom. Opens easily, and magnetically snaps shut strong. Shoulder strap is easy to adjust, and their is plenty of room inside to fit all of your baby essentials. The only complaint we came across here was the changing pad had straps that you needed to tie to close properly. While the tie-straps offer a nice look, we would have preferred velcro for ease of use. Other than that – not an Ease of Use concern whatsoever!

With a laminated exterior and a nylon interior this bag is made to last. Spills, stains and messes wipe up easily with a damp cloth. All buckles and seams are sewn and stitched tight. No durability concerns.

Seriously, Kalencom continues to impress us with the amazing lines and styles they turn out. One bag is cuter than the next. We got our hands on the Gypsy Paisley Cotton Candy – which we loved – and then we headed online and took a look at all of the other styles – and loved those too! Without question they have a style for every Mom!

Super functionality! Arm strap adjusts easily, plenty of pockets on the exterior. Open up the room interior and there is plenty of storage room for all essentials. The included bottle holder and changing pad complete the package. Short of changing the kid for you – this bag does it all!

Well…here’s something worth discussing. With a price tag of $80 we can not say that the Laminated Buckle Bag from Kalencom is inexpensive. It certainly isn’t the highest price we’ve seen, but there are definitely less expensive options out there. We love the quality and the functionality, but we also know that some Moms just can’t afford the extra dollars. If you can, we guarantee this bag won’t let you down.

And…well…it’s hard to call a diaper bag totally original. Sure…the designs are all their own, but when it comes down to it, a diaper bag is a diaper bag…we’re not talking brand new concepts here – just awesome use and super-fun styles!

Kalencom never lets us down – we always love their diaper backs – and the Gypsy Paisley Cotton Candy Diaper Bag is no exception! The first thing you notice is the fun, bold colors and style. Use the bag and you’ll be just as excited…it just works…well! And it holds up well too! We love Kalencom’s Laminated Buckle Bag and we know you will too!

Manufacturer: Kalencom
Recommended Age: for parents
Retail Price: $80
On the Web: www.kalencom.com
Buy It Here: