Bionic Blox Foundations Kit – Kids Building Toy Product Review

Have fun imagining, designing and inventing through open-ended building.  Learn about length, proportions, angles and engineering.  Blocks and connectors fit together easily, quickly bringing ideas to life.  Creations are sturdy enough to be used in play with other toys.  Simply pull the connectors and blocks apart and begin a new design!

Countless creations from owers, spaceships, furniture and houses can be built from this set of over 100 pieces.  Bionic Blox is what forms the foundation of all kid’s construction and building structures–simple, solid, posts and connectors.  Made in the USA.

By no means is Bionix Blox difficult to pick up and use. In fact, you’ll be happy to see even kids on the younger end of the spectrum are going to immediately start picking up blocks and connectors and begin building! More complex designs will obviously take a bit more work, and if you’ve got little ones you may find yourself as chief architect and engineer!

No durability concerns here. All pieces are made strong to last long. With younger kids the only warning is that you’ll want to help with clean-up to make sure no pieces go missing.

Look, this isn’t an iPad or Wii – so some kids may not immediately run for their Bionic Blox when they have some free time. However, with proper encouragement your child is going to love building and creating – it may just take some motivation. On the plus side we did find that if one child was happily building, others wanted in on the fun – so there must be some solid visual appeal even if there is no remote control included!

The only thing that limits the amount of options your child will have in building with Bionic Blox is his or her imagination. The creations and designs are endless…and when into it you’ll see your child can build and create for hours.

So…we’re known to be a bit hard on pricing and this is no exception. With a suggested retail price of $39.99 it is clear that the Bionic Blox crew is going after a higher-end, maybe even specialty toy audience. Unfortunately for us we have to compare that price to lesser priced (and in some cases lesser quality) toys. With that said the $40 price tag does price out a large portion of our buying and reading audience.

Bionic Blox certainly isn’t the first building toy we’ve ever seen…in fact we’ve played with some that are quite similar. We do love the pieces, connectors and the way this set was designed – we just can’t call it all original.

Overall if you have child that likes to build, create and play with the endless amount of toys that they can manufacture using their imagination, then you are going to have a child that loves Bionic Blox. They are easy for kids to jump right into building and the fun can last for hours. Bottom line the biggest issue we had with Bionic Blox was the price. If you can handle the price tag, then we certainly recommend Bionic Blox as a nice addition to your child’s toy building collection!

Manufacturer: Bionic Blox
Recommended Age: 3 years - 12 years
Retail Price: $39.99
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