Gutzy Gear Patches & Strap Kids Product Review

Join the latest craze with Gutzy Gear Backpack Strap Covers and 2 Surprise Gutzies! Begin to transform your backpack from average to awesome! Jazz up your Strap Covers and make your backpack an expression of what you love in your own unique style!

You want easy? Gutzy Gear is easy! With a little help even the youngest kids can quickly and easily slide a Gutzy Gear strap onto their backpack or bag – and it gets easier from there! Hand over the easy to affix velcro patches and watch your little ones happily customize their backpack straps! Easy for sure!

No durability concerns whatsoever. Both the straps and the patches hold tight. No worries about lost patches.

Seriously – parents we are warning you. Either your child is going to start this trend from the get-go, or they are going to have you out there seeking out their favorite patches. Either way, the amazing looks of Gutzy Gear patches are going to catch your child’s eye!

Well, Gutzy Gear Straps and Patches aren’t designed to exactly do anything other than spice up your child’s gear…and well, they do just that! Kids are happy to put the straps on, play with the patches, share and trade with friends…more functionality that you would expect from patches really…and that offers enough functionality in our book to earn 5 stars.

The straps cost $9.99 and the patches cost $4.99 for 2-packs. The patches may seem a bit much at first, but if you start your kids off sparingly, and use them as treat or rewards you’ll be setting yourself up for a nice, inexpensive surprise for your kids.

Sure we’ve seen patches before and we’ve seen pins (and pin-trading) before – but we’ve never seen anything quite like Gutzy Gear. We love the original idea and the original designs.

It has been a while, but we are happy to say that Gutzy Gear earned 5-stars across the board! They are easy to use and fun to collect…absolutely original and more than fairly priced. Oh – and one more thing – a little birdy told us that Gutzy Gear is starting to license some of your children’s favorite characters (Super Heroes and such) – so watch out – before you know it Gutzy Gear is going to be everywhere!

Manufacturer: Gutzy Gear
Recommended Age: 3 years to 13 years
Retail Price: Straps - $9.99, Patches - $4.99
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