A Snack Mom Situation from Mom on the Run

This is one that has been bugging me for a while. I have never formally come right out and talked about this particular issue for fear of the all knowing evil eye…but here goes nothing.

I acknowledge that when it comes to eating that my house is stricter than most, and I try my absolute best to not be judgmental (even though food with dye in it is really really bad for you). I buy organic as much as possible and I am committed to making dinner for my kids at least five nights a week. This is not a one up, I am most definitely not a better parent than you, I simply feel better the cleaner I eat, and have therefore brought my family along for the ride. I recognize that I am in the minority. Kids come to my house and ask for a snack. I offer them home grown kale chips when they are really looking for Lays Classics. I keep almost no processed sugar treats in my house. Truthe be told, this at first wasn’t a health-conscious choice, rather mostly due to my own lack of will power (I have never been able to have just one).

Unlike other healthy eaters, I don’t deprive my kids of treats. I just feel that they get enough at birthdays, class parties, and friend’s houses that they, nor I, need to reap the horrible extra benefits of high fructose corn syrup. I do want my kids to have fun with their friends and not to feel deprived of sugary goodness, and I truly struggle to find that infamous balance.

It feels like every newspaper, magazine, or website I read is ramming down my throat the health benefits of this or that. I think that my children’s school is making a concerted effort to provide a healthy, nutritious lunch with a variety of options. They aren’t all the way there yet, but they are definitely on the right track. As our children grow, so has our knowledge base. As a village we are working together to correct the mistakes (ignorance?) of our parents and give our children a new healthier eating message.

If all this is true (which I believe it is) then, why do we continue to bring unhealthy snacks to hand out to our kids sports teams after their games. We commit to bring our children to practices and games, and to fully participating as a team player. It takes time and money which we never seem to have enough of, and more of both as our kids grow and become increasingly competitive. It is so backwards to me to cheer my child on at their softball game, and then hand out chips and a sugary drink as a snack. While I morally disagree with getting our kids physically active and then immediately contradict myself, I find it nearly impossible to be the snack parent with a bag of fresh oranges and water at the end of the game.

Am I cookoo for coco puffs? I am curious to know how other ‘snack parents’ feel!
xo mom on the run