Bright Starts Lights and Sounds FunPad Baby Product Review

ABCs, 123s, & more! This Bright Starts Lights & Sounds Fun Pad, interactive activity toy will keep baby entertained with loads of fun features!

The Bright Starts Lights & Sounds Fun Pad features:

  • Introduces baby to animals, shapes, colors, numbers, and more
  • Large, soft buttons on fabric screen are easy for baby to press
  • 5 colorful lights that dance across the screen
  • Slider switch activates silly sounds

Without questions, the Bright Starts Lights & Sounds FunPad is easy for baby to use! Hand it over and watch their little hands and their little minds work. Sure the FunPad is going to get dropped, drooled on or worse – but as their tiny fingers explore baby is going to start seeing cause and effect through happy sounds and fun lights! Easy!

We mentioned above that the FunPad is going to get dropped and drooled on, right? Well – it is – and better this than your expensive iPad! The FunPad is built to handle the usual abuse a little one can administer. Plus with it’s plastic design when the inevitable drool or spit-up does dry on it, you can just wipe it clean with a wet paper towel.

The FunPad is cute. Bright colors, fun sounds, and if it doesn’t exactly look like a baby version of your iPad to you, it definitely will to them! Enough said.

So, the FunPad is a baby toy, and there really is only so much that it does. Don’t get us wrong, it will entertain your little one, but in no way does the FunPad have anything close to the functionality of a table or iPad. Translation – if you were actually thinking this was going to have similar interaction for your child as your iPad does for you – you are wrong. What it does do is mimic the shape and the way you use your hands to manipulate it – and that is all the functionality you can ask for in a baby toy that is truly designed to keep those sticky little fingers off of your iPad!

With a suggested retail price of $10.99 we couldn’t be more satisfied with where Bright Starts selected to slot this. Bottom line, it’s a baby toy, not some high priced electronics, and it needs to be priced accordingly. Bright Starts gets that! And – with a price just over $10, Moms and Dads can be comfortable buying for their own child, or as a special treat for the new baby in their lives.

The FunPad really is an original idea! It plays well off of the most popular adult toy (gadget, gizmo, etc.) to come along in years – and provides a fun little version for baby. Nice originality!

When it comes down to it, you’d be hard pressed to find qualities and characteristics of the FunPad not to like. It is easy to use, durable, and definitely attractive to little eyes. The FunPad isn’t expensive either – which is a big plus. So think about it – hand baby the iPad you’ve just spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on and you may never get it back in the same working condition again….or hand over a FunPad and they can swipe, press, play, drool and drop to their heart’s content! Consider us big FunPad fans!

Manufacturer: Bright Starts
Recommended Age: 3 months and up
Retail Price: $10.99
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