Blunders Board Game from Patch Products Kids Product Review – Learn Manners!

Kids don’t always remember the polite way to respond in situations. The Blunder family is no exception─they are known for their rude behavior. But Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder want to learn manners so they will be invited to the Mannerlys’ Annual Pool Party Extravaganza! Good manners will also help them make more friends, do better in school and develop self confidence. Follow them on their manners adventure, moving along the path, reading fun scenarios and answering important manner questions to be the first one invited to the pool party!
For 2 to 4 players or teams
Ages 5 & Up

Learn About and Practice:
• Table Manners
• Host and Guest Skills
• Confident Introductions
• Respect and Kindness
• Telephone Manners
• School Etiquette
• Honesty and Responsibility

300 Question Cards (3 Decks), 9 Table Setting Cards, 4 Pawns (Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder) and Stands, 2 Dice, Game Board, Blunders’ Story/Rules Booklet

Have you been searching for an easy way to help your kids learn their manners? Well – you just may have found it! Blunders is played like any board game your children have, but instead of simply moving through the board or testing their memory, this game gives them lesson after lesson in manners as they play along. Is it difficult? Absolutely not. Game play is easy and entertaining, and a breeze to pick up. Younger children may need help reading their cards, but other than that – Blunders couldn’t be any easier!

Like most games we review, Blunders doesn’t have any real durability concerns. There are a few small peices and lots of cards, so you’ll want to make sure kids don’t lose any – but other than that – no worries.

Blunders is cute! It has bright colors, and interesting little characters . The look of the game will definitely appeal to little ones – and fit right into their visual standard of board games. Blunders will almost always lose out to Wii, Xbox or Playstation as your child’s first choice, but if you take the electronics out of the mix, Blunders has as good of a chance as being selected off of a shelf as any of your other board games.

Functionality is where we really feel that Blunders excels and the reason is simple – content. There is so much manner-based content packed into this game that everyone from grandparents on down to the youngest of players will have plenty to learn about manners. Are some of the details beyond what a 5 year old needs to know – absolutely. But that 5 year old is going to grow into a 15 year old before you know it – and some of the more advanced manners lessons will come in handy then.

With a suggested retail price of $24.95, Blunders is priced just slightly higher than our $20 threshold. When you start to play the game you’ll see extra dollars went into developing and packaging different card sets, etc., but we still prefer our games just a few dollars less.

Blunders is an absolute original from a subject manner point of view. We have seen plenty of board games in our day, and some that teach, but we have never seen a game that is focused on manners education! Original subject matter positioned in a fun game – nicely original!

So, are manners important? Absolutely! Do parents know everything they need to know to teach manners to their children? Absolutely not! That’s where Blunders comes in to play! With a little help from Blunders your children are not all of a sudden going to be manners experts. However, they are going to start to see the world around them in a slightly more civil, more organized way. For many kids, manners isn’t something they were ever even asked to think about, let alone practice on a day to day basis. As your children grow into young adults, good manners can help take them far. Blunders is easy to play and certainly durable. It is all original and super-functional. With a few rounds of Blunders your kids will be taking strides down the road towards a polite, respectful life!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $24.99
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