Twisted Fish Card Game for Kids from McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds Product Review

Will you be the card shark? Or will you be the lowly shrimp? The old game of go fish just got a very challenging twist. It isn’t child’s play any more! 13 unique Fish characters in five different colors, plus 8 unique Zingers that allow you to break the rules, making Twisted Fish a unique game experience. The real challenge takes place when asking for the fish cards you are collecting-Now you have to be specific about the type of fish and color you are seeking.

Twisted Fish, challenges you to remember every question asked at the table.  Will you fall hook, line, and sinker! For 3 to 6 players. Ages 8 & Up.

Oh Go Fish – such a simple game – easy to play. True. Oh Twisted Fish – takes that simple game of Go Fish and makes it not so simple anymore! That isn’t to say it isn’t fun to play – it just isn’t quite so easy to get the game going right away.

First off, Twisted Fish is targeted for kids 7 years and older – so you already know that a certain level of card playing experience and skill is going to be required. When we tested the game with kids that were younger there was definitely a lot of confusion. Twisted Fish adds an extra color (or suit) to the deck, along with “Zinger” cards that allow a bit of rule-bending throughout the game. The idea is similar to Go Fish, but with the extra color and the Zingers kids are going to need to be on their toes, working to remember what cards are being asked for as the game goes on.

Twisted Fish is definitely playable, but there is going to be a learning curve, especially for kids on the younger side of things.

No durability issues. The cards are made well, the storage box is strong, and the game is targeted for kids old enough that they won’t lose cards during clean-up.

This was a tricky category for the team to rate – here’s why: The illustrations and colors of the cards themselves are dynamic, adorable, even funny. But…in today’s electronic world of iEverything, a card game doesn’t exactly get kids too excited from the get go. The older kids really did get into the interactivity and interaction of playing the card game – but it took some convincing to get the games started!

Plenty of functionality to spare! Twisted Fish plays differently every time and the Zinger Cards add an added jolt to every game. A highly-functional improvement on classic Go Fish.

So, Twisted Fish retails for $9.95, which on the surface really doesn’t seem expensive in the world of $25 board games. However, Twisted Fish is a card game, packaged along with a rubber duck (additional game play options) and a box that is over-sized for cards. We hate to say it, but we kind of feel if Twisted Fish would just nix the duck and package the cards in a standard card sleeve you could probably cut the cost in half.

We can make an argument that Twisted Fish isn’t original because it is simply a new take on Go Fish. But, we’d much rather make the argument that Twisted Fish is original because it is a new take on Go Fish! We love the thought that went into redeveloping and redesigning a classic. We love the artwork. We really like the gameplay once you get into it. Add that all up and we’re happy to keep Twisted Fish on the plus side of originality!

Overall the team did enjoy playing Twisted Fish. Look, there are things that we think could be done differently or better – starting with packaging and pricing – but once you get past that we were pleasantly surprised at how much fun a new take on Go Fish could be. It did take a while to learn the rules, start to remember the colors and cards and get the game going. But that is what we would like to call the practice round. Once the game was learned, older kids and their parents and grandparents easily jumped into the game. If you have a group that likes games and likes cards, Twisted Fish is a fun addition that the whole gang can play together.

Manufacturer: McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds
Recommended Age: 7 years and up
Retail Price: $9.95
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