Post Birthday Party Emotions from Mom on the Run

I am in a trance.  I think it’s the post birthday party let down. It might just be plain exhaustion.  Every six months or so I swear up and down that I am not planning, shopping for or hosting another birthday party.  Then the friggen bomb drops and I can’t say no to that sweet little face telling me their dream day.

And inevitably, like clockwork, for as long as my children have been able to speak, the following conversation happens after every birthday party we throw:

Me: Was that the best birthday party?

Kid2: No

Me: You ungrateful little….(OK that’s my subconscious.) Why sweet little angel (DEVIL CHILD)? 

Kid2: Because of something really stupid and totally meaningless, blah blah blah.

By this time I am gritting my teeth and have stopped listening, while trying to back out of that crazy parking lot (this year ice-skating parking lot) without hitting another car or person because my trunk is packed so high with crap that I can’t see out my rear window. Pretty sure there is actual steam coming out of my ears (or possibly that is just me defrosting from the frozen ice skating rink – hard to tell). 

Me: You have a choice to make here kid. Look Daddy and I in the eye, and say thank you I had the best time, or never see one of your birthday gifts. EVER.

Kid2: I love you, thank you so much. 

Me:  Smart kid. (OK – subconscious again…) You are welcome. I hope you REALLY enjoyed it because that was definitely the last birthday party.

Someone please email me this blog next August when birthday party season is approaching again. 

That being said Kid2 did have an awesome time. I know this because he is smiling in all of our pictures – even the candids.  I also managed to keep small promises to myself.  Through monetary donations of our birthday guests and the birthday kid, in lieu of actual gifts, we are able to donate $262.00 to Children’s Oncology Camping Association International ( using  If you don’t know what an Echoage birthday party is, please take a moment to check it out before planning your next shin dig.  I also succeeded in keeping the goody bag (loot bags for my Canadian friends) to a reasonable (very low) price without giving any candy or choking hazards.

Till next time, xo

(Editor’s Note: I was lucky enough to be in attendance at this birthday party and had the unique opportunity to watch child after child open up their goody bag to find not the usual assortment of plastic crap, but rather a gift card with a few dollars on it to spend at the local frozen yogurt shop.  Someone should have taken pictures – children were puzzled, frowning looking through their goody bag for their expected choking hazards, while parents smiled to themselves recognizing that they wouldn’t have to throw away the usual choking hazards.  Good idea Mom on the Run…good idea….)