Magical Rainbow Board Game from Crossen Creations Kids Product Review

Magical Rainbow is a 3 dimensional, magnetic board game where children travel across a rainbow in search of a pot of gold. Children learn color recognition, sequencing, patterns, counting, strategy and sharing along the way!

Out of the box and to gameplay doesn’t take too much set-up for Magical Rainbow. And the learning curve when teaching the rules to someone who has never played before doesn’t take too long either. Position your magnetic game pieces on the board, spin the spinner and begin. Certainly easy overall.

Magical Rainbow is a well made board game so you won’t see any noticeable breakdown in pieces or performance as you play. The only durability issue that we run into (like most board games that are designed for little children to play with) is missing pieces. Be it game pieces, Patty the Leprechaun or the gold pieces, if kids aren’t careful with proper clean-up and storage key pieces can go missing.

Magical Rainbow mixes bright, fun colors with a nice style all it’s own. In some ways it has a bit of a Candy Land look to it – and that isn’t a bad thing at all!

Magical Rainbow is designed to be played two ways – one less complex for younger children, and one a bit more complex for older children. Don’t fret – both ways are easy to play for adults!

The gameplay itself is fairly simple, and it will play slightly different each time you play. Magical Rainbow isn’t the most complicated or complex board game we’ve ever played, but it certainly has enough functionality built in to keep it interesting.

We like our board games (especially kids board games) priced under $20. With a suggested retail price of just under $25 we would be happier with a about 20% of the cost knocked off.

Remember earlier how we said the game has sort of a “Candy Land” sort of look? Well, it has a bit of a “Candy Land” sort of play too. Game pieces are advanced along the board by color, and can be pulled back to different board locations depending on the spin. Please don’t take that the wrong way either – we love “Candy Land” and we think Magical Rainbow adds a few neat twists and turns – especially the magnetic pieces and 3D style board – but we just can’t call it totally original.

The kids we played with really did enjoy having fun with Magical Rainbow. The game looks fun and is easy to learn. We had no major durability issues either (just be sure to help with clean-up). And with some concepts familiar from other games they have played, your child will pick up Magical Rainbow and start enjoying their play time right from the get-go!

Manufacturer: Crossen Creations
Recommended Age: 4 years to 12 years
Retail Price: $24.99
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