Comfort & Harmony Mombo Deluxe Pillow Nursing Baby Product Review

Mombo™ offers a unique Firm2Soft™ design for better nursing support and positioning, plus a soothing vibration feature for lounging. Customize your Mombo with an assortment of stylish slipcover fashions.

Out of the package, around Mom’s waist for breastfeeding, around Dad’s waist for bottle feeding, or on the floor for play time, the Mombo Deluxe Pillow from Bright Starts simply couldn’t be any easier to use. The Mombo packs a variety of unique features, including two levels of firmness/softness and a vibration unit (more on all later), and all couldn’t be easier to access, utilize and enjoy. It’s a nursing pillow people, and even with a few special upgrades, the Mombo couldn’t be any easier to use!

Around Mom, around Dad, on the floor, flipped over, dropped, spit-up on, wiped clean, over and over and over again – and we found no cause for concern in the durability department. All seams are stitched tight, easy to spot clean, and easy to throw the covers (not included) into the wash.

Mombo’s line of pillows themselves are fairly soft when it comes to the style department. Slip Covers are available in a wide variety of patterns so you’ll be able to pick out the perfect one for your (and baby’s) style. And…always good to keep an extra Slip Cover or two around for the inevitable explosion – from either end!

Functionality is the category where Mombo really shines. Yes, it is a nursing pillow, wrap it around you, place baby on it, and feed. But Mombo decided to take all of the one step further. First off, Mombo has what is called its Firm2Soft design – which means one side of the pillow is firmer (the side you would want to rest baby on when feeding) and one side of the pillow is softer (the side you would want to rest baby on when playing). Seems intuitive, but this little change adds a much broader dimension to the pillow – allowing baby to feed comfortably and rest comfortably – and not sink when feeding or roll off when resting! And second, Mombo has a removable soothing vibration insert. Put it in or take it out during feeding, resting and playing – it’s your choice. If you and baby go for it, the vibration can be helpful and calming to the baby. And if baby doesn’t enjoy the vibration, simply pop it out!

There are a number of nursing style pillows out on the market today and many fall right into this about $50 range. Call it the craftsperson in us (or call it the cheap-person in us), but we still would like to see prices come down a bit across the board. Yes, nursing pillows are designed specifically for this task, and yes Mombo packs in plenty of features, but at the end of the day we’ve found other ways to prop baby during feeding and play time that aren’t quite as expensive. Mind you, those alternative ways don’t necessarily offer the same comfort and support, but there are workarounds. However, if you are in the market for a nursing pillow, you’ll find that the quality ones are priced similarly to Mombo – so if you compare apples to apples (or nursing pillows to nursing pillows) you definitely aren’t overpaying.

Of course there are other nursing pillows on the market – so we can’t exactly come out and call Mombo 100% original. We can, however, give it 4 stars for it’s upgraded design, 2 levels of firmness/softness, vibration add on, and adorable array of stylish and fun slip covers!

If you are looking for a nursing pillow, you won’t find a better choice on the market than the Mombo. First off (and not necessarily unique to Mombo) is just how easy it is to use. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, siblings and friends can all use Mombo to help in feeding baby. Mombo is durable, spot cleans easily, and the slip covers wash well. But it is Visual Appeal and Functionality where Mombo truly shines. The folks who created Mombo didn’t just model after other nursing pillows on the market – they improved on them. And the delicious slip cover designs make Mombo that much more customizable. The Mombo is definitely a fantastic (dare we say must-have) nursing, feeding and play accessory!

Manufacturer: Kids II
Recommended Age: Birth & Up
Retail Price: $49.99
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