Joovy Race Car Ride-On Kids Product Review

The Joovy Race Car Ride-On is a battery powered vehicle for children. Joovy manufactures using top-grade motors and batteries.

This super-powered vehicle has TWO motors, two 6-volt batteries (12-volt) and a top speed of 5 MPH. Each motor is designed to power a rear wheel whereas many competitors use only ONE motor to operate both wheels.

The Race Car Ride-On has an “ON/OFF” key and a forward and reverse switch. It has 2 speeds, a low speed of 2.5 MPH and a high speed of 5 MPH. To operate the vehicle, place the key in the ignition and push down on the accelerator pedal. To slow down or stop the vehicle, release the accelerator pedal. This vehicle is installed with an automatic thermal shutdown system. When the vehicle is overloaded, the power will cut off automatically for 15 to 20 seconds and restart.

The Race Car is available in Red and Lemontree. It includes two 6-volt batteries (12-volt) and charger.

So the question one has to ask is, who is the Joovy Race Car Ride-On difficult for? Is it difficult for Mom and Dad to set-up? Well…not really…although we do recommend you put it together when the kids are at school or napping – otherwise you may find yourself with an over-excited three year old trying to help with every twist and turn! Is the race car difficult for your little ones to drive? Well…not really! If they have ever driven a ride-on before they’ll have no trouble. And if it is their first experience driving a power vehicle of their very own, you can choose the slower 2.5 mile per hour speed setting and let them set-off and explore. Step on the gas, it goes. Take your foot off, it stops. With it’s low wheel base the Joovy Race Car turns easily as well – so your kids are going to get used to driving very quickly. In fact – maybe a little too quickly!

We found no realy durability issues here. Sure you have to charge and re-charge the batteries, but as long as you get used to setting them to charge after each use that won’t be a problem. We also like how Joovy incorporates a rubber strip into their tires. As tires on other ride-ons start to wear they begin slipping in loose dirt or on grass. With the extra rubber built in the race car really digs in.

Seriously? 5 stars isn’t enough! A race car! Kid-sized! That you are actually going to let them drive! Come on Mom and Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa…or favorite Aunt and Uncle….) if you want to maintain that title for a long time, drop one of these little bad boys off at a little one’s front door and you’ll see just how much visual appeal a toy can have!

Even for a ride-on, which tend to have a lot packed in from a functionality perspective, we have to say we were impressed with what we saw here. First off, your child has to insert and then turn the key to get it started. The next thing you’ll notice is the authentic race car noise which your kids will love (you might not after a bit…but trust us…they will!). From there you can adjust the seat for their height, your child can shift into whichever speed (fast= 5 mph, slow=2.5 mph) they are comfortable driving, and they are off racing and exploring. Trust us once again – they aren’t going to get tired exploring any time soon either!

Well, the issue with a lot of Joovy items tends to be the price, and the Race Car is no exception. With a suggested retail price of $399 it places itself out of the question for many families. Heck – for some families that is a real car payment for a month! We get that – and so do the people from Joovy. We know the Race Car isn’t for every family. However, if you are going to pick up a ride-on for your child you have to consider quality. And when you consider quality, you should consider spending some extra dollars for Joovy! Unlike other ride-ons, the Race Car has two motors – one for each wheel – to keep it’s performance at a high-level. The batteries charge easily and hold their charge long. The rubber around the tires ensures extra traction and a lot more use. Is it expensive? Absolutely. Is it worth the dollars spent? If you are going to buy a ride-on and you can handle the cost, we say yes.

All of the details that we’ve mentioned above – two motors, awesome style, durability, rubber on the tires – all of those details come together to create a brand new ride-on. And we couldn’t be more impressed with the attention to quality and detail that went into the race car. Now that is definitely originality at its best.

It’s not too often that we say we are jealous of a toy that our children have – but fine, you caught us! This time we really wish we had this amazing race car to ride-on when we were little. Without question it is a little child’s dream machine! Race car styling – that really drives! It’s easy for Mom and Dad to set-up, and easy for your child to operate. Super durable, super functional. It absolutely costs a pretty penny- but if you are in the market for a ride on it will be a pretty penny well spent. The Joovy Race Car Ride-On is awesome!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: 3 - 5 years
Retail Price: $399.99
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