3D Bears iPad Android App for Babies and Kids from StormCellar

Welcome to the 3D Bears Dance Theater – a magical stage for dance and play for kids of all ages!  Kids can dance the day away with their new friends or visit the 3D Bears’ secret wardrobe closet where they can create the perfect costume for any occasion or any dance they choose.

Kids love watching the 3D Bears dance – tap, ballet and hip-hop. They can play and dance along with music that will get their toes tapping!  The wardrobe closet offers countless opportunities to dress the bears – kids love the simple interface and number of choices.

•3 of the most musical bears you’ve ever seen
•Dozens of wonderful costumes provide endless opportunities to dress the bears
•Colorful animation entertains kids for hours
•Simple, intuitive game play without words – so that kids can explore the wonder of the 3D Bears on their own
•Control the speed of the countdown timer – faster for older kids, slower for younger kids

Ok – we’re not joking when we say it took us a few times through to really understand the point of the dancing…other than that…3d Bears is super cute and super easy to use! Your child (with a little help at first from Mom or Dad) head over to the “dressing room”, select their favorite bear, dress them for the dancing occasion and get the dance party started. The red-light-green-light concept took us a few rounds to figure out (meaning – tell your kids to tap on the bear when the red light comes on to win a prize!), but once we had that down it was all smiles and all easy!

As with all apps there are no durability issues to be concerned about. We love knowing that if your child deletes it, you can reload without a problem.

3D Bears presents itself in a unique, stunning landscape. Bright colors, adorable bears, interesting backgrounds and cute outfit changes set the stage (so to speak). But the real beauty takes place when the bears start dancing. Smooth, rhythmic, cute, funny moves will keep your youngest giggling along!

Well…we said your youngest. The issue with functionality isn’t the amount of bear choices or clothing choices…it’s simply the game itself doesn’t have that much to it. Once your child dresses the bear and masters the red-light-green-light gameplay, there isn’t much left for them to do. The app is designed for kids ages 3-7. We found that our 2 and 3 year-olds liked it…but anything older than that found it a bit too simple…and they were ready to get back to their Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. So…for little littles, we love…for older littles…not so much.

Who doesn’t love a $.99 price tag for a game/toy that can occupy a little one? Even though we did find 3D Bears a bit limiting for older kids, the price is on the low end of the apps, and certainly affordable for your toddlers.

Something about 3D Bears reminds us of dancing babies from Ally McBeal’s gone by…mixed with some of our children’s favorite dress your virtual pet games. That’s not to say 3D Bears doesn’t feel unique (it certainly does), it just isn’t packing groundbreaking originality like some other games.

Bottom line here, 3D Bears is a super-cute game perfect for toddlers to have their turn with your tablet or phone. Kids that are a little older will have this game mastered in minutes and then move on to the next. But it’s the little littles that will love it. The colors are bright and fun. The bears are super-cute. And the dancing is just adorable. The red-light-green-light interaction is just enough for little hands. 3D Bears is a nice app addition for your 2 and 3 year-olds  it will have them dancing along as they play!

Manufacturer: StormCellar
Recommended Age: 3 years - 7 years
Retail Price: $.99
On the Web: www.stormcellar.net
Buy It Here: , www.itunes.com, Goodle Play