Taggies Bugs and Hugs Playgym from Kids II Baby Play Mat Product Review

With colorful, silky tags on every item to enjoy and explore, the first ever Taggies™ play gym offers the sweetest opportunities for snuggles and comfort.  Featuring Velcro straps for easy attachment, our super soft Caterpillar doubles as an on the go carrier toy!

In addition, multiple plush toys, a large baby safe mirror, a water filled teether and a large play mat entertains for hours!  Six friendly melodies and warm, smiling faces surround and soothe baby.

If you have a little one you know that playgyms rule! Unpack, pop them up, and place your little one on the mat…it would be hard to get any easier than that! Oh…we should mention, whether you choose to sit with your little one and shake, rattle and roll all of the hanging dangling toys, or whether you let your little one explore on their own – they’ll find them and enjoy them! No question, Taggies Bugs and Hug Playgym is certainly easy to use!

Like all of the Taggies products we’ve ever reviewed, this one stands up to the spit-ups, spills and stains that baby is going to throw at it. (Editor’s Note: Yes we said throw spit-up…just wait…you’ll see!). The seams are sewn tight and secure. The Velcro attaches and detaches for easy customization. And best of all…when the mat gets a bit babied-up you can throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean-up.

When Taggies ventured into the world of Playgyms they didn’t go step by step…they went all the way. And in doing so, they loaded their Playgym with bright, fun, adorable toys, and warm, soothing songs to create the ultimate play place for your baby. One look and you’ll see what we mean! Adorable!

The mat itself is a safe, comfortable place for baby – and gives Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and great spot to place baby for some independent play. The toys attach and detach easily with Velcro straps. Plus the gym is packed with toys, a baby safe mirror, a water-filled chew toy and more. Plenty to keep baby happily occupied and exploring!

We’ve seen playgyms come across our review desk with prices ranging from about $35-$55. With a suggested retail price of $49.99, Taggies Bugs and Hugs Gym is towards the expensive side, but it certainly is in line with what else is on the market. You are paying a decent price, but you aren’t paying extra just for the Taggies name – the qaulity and function is definitely there too!

Again, this isn’t the first playgym we’ve ever seen…and we’re quite certain it won’t be the last. The good news is that playgyms are great items to stimulate baby’s independence, creativity and those all-important play-skills!

What’s not to love about Taggies first venture in the world of playgyms? If we think about it hard (and we did), we couldn’t find a thing! From how easy it is to set up and use, to how functional the gym is, we love it all. There are detachable toys, soothing songs, a mirror for staring and drooling on, and a washable mat after the drooling is done! If you are looking for a new, fun take on the classic playgym you can’t go wrong with Taggies Bugs and Hugs Playgym from Kids II!

Manufacturer: Kids II
Recommended Age: Newborn and up
Retail Price: $49.99
On the Web: www.kidsii.com
Buy It Here: www.target.com