Puppy Teeth, Leprechauns, and Active Imaginations

Editor’s Note: Before you begin your adventure with our Mom on the Run this week I find myself compelled to reflect on the title of this blog.  At one point in the not so distant past I knew a puppy who was actually scared of leprechauns.  True story.  He’s no longer with us, and I truly hope there are no leprechauns in Doggy Heaven.

The Blog:  A few weeks ago a friend of mine got a Golden-Doodle puppy, Luke, who is really the most remarkable puppy I have ever seen. Luke is so gentle and so loving, if I wasn’t looking at his scrumptious puppy face and huge paws I would believe he was a much older dog. Like many puppies before him, Luke has started to lose his puppy teeth. The kids in their family wondered if there was a “Puppy Tooth Fairy” like there is for kids. I was lucky enough to witness the conversation unfold.

Upon further discussion the kids agreed there must be a “Puppy Tooth Fairy”, so they carefully cleaned and wrapped up the lost puppy tooth. The plan include the drafting of a proper “Puppy Tooth Fairy” letter, and they had agreed on a proper location to place the puppy tooth and note (of key importance was a spot that was actually safe from Luke himself for fear of what he may do to the note and the tooth). The kids also spent quite a lot of time considering what a “Puppy Tooth Fairy” might bring their beloved dog. My kids joined in the fun and happily let their imaginations run wild right along with Luke’s family.

Coincidentally that same day my Kindergartener came home with a project where he needed to use his imagination to design a device to capture a leprechaun. His class has been talking about St. Patrick’s Day and dreaming about their very own pots of gold. After much negotiating, I am happy to report that we were able to build a very green sparkly leprechaun catcher which by design was almost the exact same as his sister’s leprechaun catcher from the year before. Poor kid 2, but if I am going to be forced into these parent projects, I am really only willing to recreate the original the second time around. As we worked, it was amazing to listen to my kids discuss the best ways to catch the leprechaun, and what they would do with him once he was safe inside the catcher.

I love watching kids’ imaginations at work. They completely understand the difference between characters and people, fiction and non-fiction, fantasy and rea…(wait, no, actually they do not really understand the difference between fantasy and reality – but that’s ok – they’re kids for crying out loud!). Their true and total conviction in the magic was a moment of pure belief. I love participating with them as their imaginations grow, and the possibilities exploded before them. I am hopeful that I canl help them to remember what it feels like to believe in magic even as they get ‘too old to believe.’

Bringing the magic and imagination with me as I got up from the creative kitchen table, I did silently wonder to myself if I believe hard enough, will the Laundry Fairy” come and visit me? Sigh…