2,000,000 YouTube Views and Counting!

Here at WTS Toy Review we don’t often take a step back and share our accomplishments with our friends and family, but this time we just couldn’t resist.

The video that we produced for Blast Zone’s Misty Kingdom Water Bounce house has passed 2,000,000 views on YouTube!  That’s 2 million – or – as our mathematically challenged friends like to say – 2 with a lot of zeros!  We want to thank everyone who watched it, shared it and commented on it.  And as a heads up – we have more great videos to come on a more regular basis in the coming months!  Oh yeah, and some awesome giveaways you’ll want to get it on too!  Strollers, games, toys – you name it!  Exciting things!

In case you never saw the Blast Zone video here take a look below! The quality has gotten so much better since we posted this – you’ll see soon!